Moving On Up


I’m sitting at Addie’s gym watching her in her first higher level class with a new coach. I’ll be honest, her new coach scared me a little bit, I’ve seen her coaching the other girls and she’s tough. She’s no nonsense and very serious. Addie’s old teacher, while incredibly supportive, was more of the gentle supporter. She was the one who called me last week asking if I would be able to have Addie move up a level in gymnastics. It’s on a new night at a new time for longer and more money which throws us off ever so slightly but after ten minutes of watching Addie with her new class with her new teacher?

I’m so glad we made the switch.

I watched them do something that Addie has never done before, she had always said she couldn’t or that she wasn’t strong enough. One look from her new coach and Addie flipped right over like she’s been doing it for months. She’s doing harder things, more advanced skills and while she’s nowhere near the team girls who compete at a state level, I can see her getting closer and closer to her dreams of being a gymnast.

When I was in Nashville Cody took her to her class and after talking to some other parents we realized that she’ll never be eligible for the Olympics. Not that we’d ever tell her that or that our end goal was the Olympics, but it stinks knowing that just because of age rules it could never be a possibility.

I’m so proud of this little kid and how much she loves what she’s doing. There’s something about seeing your kid doing something they love and smiling from the bottom of their feet while they’re doing it.

(Addie just finished her class and when I asked her what she thought about it she said “I like it! But she’s kind of bossy.”)

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