My Husband Flash Mobbed Me (Not a Euphemism)


Remember how I turned 40 last week? I made kind of a big deal about it. Little did I know that my friends and family had an even bigger deal in store–A surprise party with 40 of my friends and family (including my sister from Idaho) at one of my favorite restaurants. I was totally surprised! What fun!

Then the music started.

Ever been in a flash mob? Ever been flash mobbed? I hope you performed/handled it with grace and enthusiasm.

And speaking of grace and enthusiasm. . . check out my talented and energetic friends after the jump.

Notice my face at 2:44. Obviously this is not something I will ever forget. My husband had been practicing Bon Jovi for a month. It’s really kind of coincidentally beautiful that I wrote a love note to 80s music just days before the flash mob.

Here’s to wonderful friends and family who make my life fun and surprising. We all know it takes a village to raise a child–but parents need a village too. In my case, it’s the Village People.



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