My Kids Hated Thanksgiving


I adore Thanksgiving. I love the food. I love the sentiment. I love the excuse to gather with friends and family. And I especially love that it’s completely acceptable to show up to dinner in my stretchy pants.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Sadly, aside from loving spending the day with their cousins, my kids couldn’t care less about Thanksgiving.

The first thing my 4-year-old said when he woke up on Thursday morning was “It’s trick-or-treating day today!” I should have known at that moment that he was bound for disappointment.

The big kids, at 6 1/2 and 4, are relatively picky eaters. The 4-year-old typically has a somewhat greater appreciation for food than his older brother, but he was not amused by the traditional Thanksgiving offerings. My 6-year-old, as requested, ate a few bites of Turkey and some stuffing. When we got home, he asked for a hot dog and macaroni and cheese. Which he ate with great gusto. The baby, thankfully, was happy to eat anything that was put in front of him, as long as he was allowed to use a fork to do so.

I keep telling myself that some day they will learn to appreciate a Thanksgiving feast, but as they years start to tick by, I am beginning to wonder. Do kid’s tastes truly change as they get older, or am I destined to be making side dishes of dinosaur shaped chicken and french fries for Thanksgiving for the rest of my life?

Are your kids picky eaters, or do they appreciate a wide range of foods?