My Kids Probably Didn't Get Enough Sleep


My Kids Probably Didn't Get Enough SleepYaaaaawn!

Lately, there has been a sleep fog going on in this house. Everyone seems to be walking around like zombies, waiting to go to bed and barely making it through the day.

Except when the time comes to sleep, the insomnia decides to strike and before we know it, it’s past 10pm and the kids are still awake.  That leaves only 9 hours for sleep before they have to get up for school.

9 hours to me sounds like a lifetime since I average around 6 hours a night. My kids, however, need to have at least 12 hours of solid sleep a night or they’re out of control with the cranky that no one has any fun.

I think it’s the winter-no-sun-too-cold-to-go-outside thing that’s caused this terrible change in sleep habits. That’s just my guess though — what I tell myself to survive the apparent sleep strike all three of the kids have been on for the past few weeks. I am dreaming of the season change that brings more bright-filled days, more energy-burning activities outdoors and the day the sleep returns to normal around here.

:: Do you notice your kids sleep changes with the seasons/weather? What helps? ::

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