My Kids Swear - And Why I Don't Really Care

I know that some of you are already shaking your head and “tsk tsk’ing” me. And that’s fine. But hear me out before you tell me what a horrible Mother I am.

Yes, my kids swear. I mean, they’re not dropping F-bombs all over the place, but the occasional “inappropriate” word escapes their lips. And as long as they aren’t saying it in front of other children, in public, or at school, I don’t usually reprimand them.

As a teenager, I was a ridiculously good kid. I certainly got into my fair share of trouble for fighting with my sister and having the messiest room in the history of the world, but I never, ever, ever did anything really “bad.” Except…I had a total potty mouth. I knew my boundaries, though, and used my powers for good and not for evil. Which is to say I knew the time and place that swearing wasn’t going to cause any issues and I only ever did it then. I think my parents realized that if swearing was their biggest concern about my behavior, they were doing a pretty good job of raising me.

I have essentially adopted that same philosophy. I’m not going to throw a fit if my kids use the occasional swear word. At this point in the game, at ages 4 and almost 7, they’re not saying anything that’s super inappropriate, although I’m sure that as they get older that will change.

I just feel like there are so many things in their lives that I’m more concerned about, and in the grand scheme of things I know that we’re going to have issues with lots of other, more important, topics. I guess I’m choosing to pick my battles, and bad language isn’t going to be one of them.

As long as my kids aren’t using bad words at school or the park, aren’t calling other kids bad names, and don’t start uttering a bad word with every breath, I’m not going to make it a big issue. I’m certainly not going to encourage it or reward it, and I might give them the occasional stink eye, but beyond that they aren’t going to get into trouble for their language.

What about you? What are your thoughts on kids swearing?

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Photo credit: Brandon LLW via Flickr

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