My Kids Want to Play Outside For Hours, But Only When It's Their Idea


My Kids Want to Play Outside For Hours, But Only When It's Their IdeaWhat is it about kids (and to some extent the same could be said about my husband) that makes them as stubborn as they are?

If I ask my kids to do something, many times I am met with a grumble and a slow-pace to do their task.

The same thing happens if I want to do something fun with them on the weekend. They are usually quite tired after the week of being at school, but not so much me. After being in the house all week I want to do outside. Also, with this being the first time I have had a kid away from me more than it feels like they are home — with Speed in full time school — I want to hang out with him and his sisters.

With the fall here and the colder weather approaching, sooner than I realize it will be winter and my least favorite season of the year. It will mean a lot more indoors or going outside with bundles of clothes and well, that’s not my idea of fun. So, I have been suggesting that we play outside a lot while the weather is still good enough to enjoy with a sweater or a jacket in the evenings. The idea is not usually met with too much enthusiasm… until today.

Today, they had come up with the idea to go outside themselves. They learned about Terry Fox at school on Friday and since, they just want to run. I don’t quite get it, but I am all for them spending time running. You know, until I get cold and want to come in. But when I suggested that we go in to get warm, they quickly gave the same response they usually give when I suggest we go play outside.

I was thrilled they wanted to play outside and had a lot of fun together, expelled energy that made their bedtime routine likely to go much smoother. It was fun to watch them create and play games and all that and I am pretty sure I came up with a parenting tactic that I will be using more often:

Make them think it was all their idea and they will be all for it.


Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness


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