My Mommy Must-haves

In college, if you’d asked me about the things that were on my “Must-Have” list I would have said things like Hot Pockets, a super cute bag to use to take my books to the beach (I know, I was incredibly lucky), and and a pair of  jeans that make my tush look awesome. Obviously, all of those things are really important.

Or, at least they were, because now that I’m a mother, and not 19, my priorities have changed. And it’s kind of sad.

I was thinking the other day about all of the things that I always make sure to have on hand and it made me realize how very different my life is now. I mean, I’d still love the cute bag, but it’s certainly not a priority. And I gave up on my tush long ago.

Check out  my list below and then tell me, what are your “Mommy Must-Haves?”

  • A Broom 1 of 10
    A Broom
    I'm not known for my housekeeping abilities, which was fine before I had kids (and pets), because I didn't really have to clean *that* much. Sure, there were daily(ish) dishes to be done and showers and toilets that needed to be cleaned, but a weekly vacuum was usually enough to keep the crumbs at bay. Add kids to the mix, though, and now I find myself constantly needing to sweep some sort of crumb-type substance off of the floor. I never knew I could truly appreciate a broom until my minions arrived.
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  • Coffee 2 of 10
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Coffee is my reason for getting up in the morning. I mean, my kids are too, but the promise of coffee is what literally motivates me to get out of bed.
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  • A Remote Keyless Entry for My Car 3 of 10
    A Remote Keyless Entry for My Car
    After side-impact airbags, this is tops on my wish list whenever we buy a new car. Thankfully, they're pretty much standard issue for vehicles these days. When I'm running to the car with three kids in tow and arms full of groceries, being able to unlock the car with the click of a button is a total sanity saver. It has also saved me unknown dollars over the years when the kids have insisted on "helping" me get into the car. I can't imagine how many scratches, or gouges, there would have been in the paint if they'd been armed with an actual key.
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  • Drugs (No, Not That Kind) 4 of 10
    Drugs (No, Not That Kind)
    There are times that there's honestly no way I could effectively parent without Excedrin Migraine or cold medicine. If that makes me a wimp, I wear that badge with pride.
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  • Paper Towels 5 of 10
    Paper Towels
    I know. I KNOW. They're not friends of the Earth. I do try to use them as sparingly as possible, but man, do I love paper towels. They can serve as plates AND a napkin for a morning bagel, as a fill-in baby wipe when a face or hand needs to be wiped, they're obviously great for cleaning up spills, and there's no better tool for microwaving bacon.
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  • Socks 6 of 10
    It all goes back to the amount of crumbs on my floor. I HATE the feeling of crumbs or dirt under my feet when I'm barefoot at home. And it's not just crumbs, because really at any given time you never know WHAT you're going to accidentally step in. So I find myself always wearing socks (or flip flops if it's hot outside) in the house.
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  • Vitamins 7 of 10
    There are often so many hands picking at the food on my plate that I feel like I rarely end up eating a well balanced meal. One a Days at least give me the assurance that I'm getting a good amount of vitamins and minerals every day. If I can remember to take them.
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  • A Microwave 8 of 10
    A Microwave
    I honestly have no idea how people survive without a microwave. I also have no idea why anyone would even want to. I use mine at least once a day, but oftentimes more than that. It serves as a coffee reheater when I realize, an hour later, that I made another cup of coffee and then promptly forgot about it, it heats the food of the child who won't eat anything that is "crunchy," and it saves me from having to dirty yet another pan (one less to clean! Or let sit in the sink for a few days as the case may be ... ) when I need to steam some veggies. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that you'll never find me in a kitchen without a microwave.
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  • Bleach 9 of 10
    Say what you will about bleach, as long as one of those things is that it's badass. Bleach is like the specially trained killer of cleaning supplies. From getting my whites white again to disinfecting the tub after an unfortunate bathing incident (ahem), it's my go to choice when I need to break out the heavy artillery. And even though you *might* be tempted to use it on your eyeballs in an attempt to unsee something disgusting that your kid has done, I don't recommend it. Use wine for that. Or tequila.
    Photo Credit: JM3 via Flickr
  • Headphones 10 of 10
    Because there are only so many times I can listen to the Annoying Orange videos, on repeat, before I want to pull my hair out. And I really like my hair. Also, sometimes (okay, almost always) I want to be able to watch a video on my computer without having my kids rush over and stick their heads in front of my face so they can watch the video too. If they can't hear it, they don't even know it exists.
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