Netflix and Disney Deal--Halleluja!


Netflix made a deal with Disney to stream their movies. YAY. I love Netflix as much as the next guy, but surely I’m not the only one to notice that they have all these weird no-name store-brand versions of Disney movies. (Kiara The Brave? Chop Kick Panda?) I collected a lot of Disney movies on VHS a million years ago when I first started having kids, but since than I’ve donated them or thrown them away and (besides which!) I  don’t even own a VCR to play them on anymore. But now I’ve also got a 5 year old who loves The Little Mermaid and would watch Tarzan and Alice and Wonderland as many times as I would let her.

Veteran parents know the truth: Disney movies act as a strange sort of kid glue that attaches your children to the TV, to joyous results when it’s time to make dinner or wrap a few presents.  Kids can only watch The Brave Little Toaster so many times before they want to rip that boob, blanket, to shreds. But there is something about Disney movies that makes them incredibly re-watchable. Is it the animation? The music? The iconography?

I don’t know.

But I like it.

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