Norwegian Cruise Line is Feeling Perky This Week!


So, you’re on the fence about going on a cruise. Are you not sure when the best deals and rates are available? Are you apprehensive about actually going through with it, or are you simply waiting for a better deal to come along? Well honey, here’s your deal right here (one I would take if mine weren’t already booked!) This week only (through June 9th) Norwegian Cruise Line is having a cruise event week, meaning no matter what room you book, it will come with some serious perks (I love perks!) As if there wasn’t already enough to do on a cruise, Norwegian Cruise Line is now giving you the chance to dabble in some of their more extravagant options available on their cruise ships on all 5+ day bookings, plus the deposit fee is reduced by 50%! Are you bringing the kids along? These bonuses are pretty much just for mom and dad to enjoy a little alone time while the kids are entertained in Splash Academy or Entourage.

Wine, chocolate covered strawberries, spa and dining credits, sounds good enough to get on a boat for right? Check out the deals after the jump!

With promised perks and the guarantee that your whole family will have fun on a Norwegian Cruise, I’m not sure there’s a whole lot more to get excited about. No other family vacation I know of is going to come with a drop-off kids program, a spa, more food than you care to eat, entertainment and no driving. (Unless you’re going to Vegas and the grandparents volunteer to babysit, but still, totally not the same.) While I’m still nervous about my first cruise (mostly about the seasickness possibility), the closer it gets the more excited I get.  I know everything will be taken care of once we make it down there (pre- and post-cruise transfers from the airport? Yep! TAKEN CARE OF!)


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