November Is About To Get Moustache-Washed [Video]


movember and sons king logoWhen charities become trendy, the purpose behind the cause starts to flutter away. Sure, the ‘awareness’ reaches critical mass, but if the awareness doesn’t include a solid message, what good is that awareness in the first place?

Many a moustache will be grown this month in the name of MOVEMBER! And just as with the pinkwashing of October, many a marketer has jumped aboard the Movember train. I’ve seen everything from hockey sticks to Harleys be attached to the cause, and while I hope the intentions are good, when I hear “a portion of proceeds…” I can’t help but wonder if this is just a case of moustachewashing a good cause because it’s trendy.

Some ladies are not down with it.

Shannon says “it doesn’t count unless you are raising money. You can grow creepy facial hair for no reason – anytime.” While Devon has threatened her husband with “Mufftober- when otherwise attractive lips are adorned with unnecessary and tasteless style”, if he repeated last year’s Movember.

If a wife-cringing moustache is going to be grown this month then it MUST be accompanied by a bold fundraising effort and an appointment with the doctor to get the prostate checked – no rubber glove needed boys.

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