NYC Unveils The Taxi of Tomorrow: But What About the Children?


This week NYC unveiled the Taxi of Tomorrow– the 2014  Nissan NV 200, which will debut on the city streets in 2013.  The taxi is gorgeous– roomy and sleek, and has many amenities that will make for a more convenient ride for many of us.  But as at least one writer has pointed out, it misses some important opportunities.




Because unfortunately the Taxi of Tomorrow is not wheelchair accessible and does not come with booster seats for children.

This has been an ongoing problem for NYC parents.

When my children (who are now 13 and 10) were younger, taking a taxi felt like an extreme sport.

Unless I brought my own car seat/booster seat, there was literally no way to restrain a child in the back seat of the taxi.   Yes, I’ve had a child on my lap and strapped us both in together with a seat belt, only to realize that in case of short stop, my child would essentially act as a  buffer between me and the partition.  I did a lot of breath holding and praying during those days.  And opted to take the subway whenever it was feasible.

(And no, lugging a car seat with you is not practical.  Parents have their hands full.)

I’m wondering why we are not doing more to protect our children.  It can’t be that parents don’t take taxis with their children– I see them every day.

And there ought to be a safer way to do it than holding our collective parental breath that we will get to our destination safely.

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