Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Chartreuse?


As we get closer to finishing the first part of our remodel, the boys and I have spent a lot of time lately talking about their bedrooms.

Zachary’s room was pretty easy to put together. Especially after we decided to give him a basketball hoop. He already had new bedding, so figuring out a “theme” was fairly easy. The hard part, though, is figuring out a paint scheme. He is very adamant that he wants orange and green dots. And while the two colors certainly pair well together, I’m just not sure that I’m willing to paint his bedroom orange and green.

Dylan, after giving it a lot of thought, has decided that he’d like to stick to his baseball themed bedroom, but has requested blue and red stripes for his walls. All I can picture is an American flag, and while I’m all for being patriotic, that’s  not really what I had in mind for his room.

It’s almost as if they’re trying to to mess with me.

After consulting, over and over again, with Pinterest I’ve figured out some of the decor for their bedrooms, but I’m still having a difficult time deciding on paint. I really want to give them each what they want, but I’m really having a hard time letting go of what I want.  I mean, it’s their bedroom, but there is a reason that four and seven year old boys aren’t Interior Designers. We’re going to have to find a happy middle ground.

You can see what we’re planning for their rooms, and follow along on our remodel here.

Have you faced this issue with your kids? Did you let them pick the color scheme for their room, no questions asked? Or did you gently guide them to something a bit more pleasing to your palette?

Top Photo: VinothChandar via Flickr

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