Our Best Moments in 2013

As far as parenting our son goes, we had some of our best moments in 2013. At 3 and 4, he was finally old enough to do some really cool things, like go camping and enjoy the zoo and see his first movie.

We watched him explode with language and drawing, start to learn his letters and count well.

Here are my favorite moments in 2013, the memorable ones, and even a few that weren’t so great but still make up our year:

  • We started the year just me and him. 1 of 18

    Thanks to my old company being closed for 2 weeks during the holidays, we started the year relaxed and settled into our new home. I loved the time with Harry at home and I'm looking forward to the days in this coming week to be with him.

  • He really, really loved a random truck. 2 of 18

    This is one of my FAVORITE Harry memories of 2013. We were going out to dinner and he saw this truck and asked if I would take his picture next to it. He was so serious and I hid my laughter well (except for shaking shoulders). 

  • Our trip to the mountains. 3 of 18

    We spent 2 nights up in the mountains with my extended family. We sat on the porch and rocked, went on hikes, and had an Easter Egg Hunt. Oh, and we found out Harry is allergic to amoxicillin. That memorable part was not fun.

  • He drew his first real picture. 4 of 18

    When Harry came home with this picture from daycare, I could not believe my eyes. For the first time, he drew something with shape, more than scribbles. It is now framed and on our living room walls - we are so proud of it!

  • He moved to a big boy bed! 5 of 18

    Goodbye, crib! We moved him to a twin sized bed after letting him pick out construction bedding. Just last week, we took down the safety rail so now he's really "big boy status." For ideas on what to do once the crib is down, here are some cool upcycles for both the crib and the mattress!

  • He bought something with his own money. 6 of 18

    Our son worked hard for several weeks, doing extra chores around the house and helping out in the yard, all to earn money to buy a beloved crane truck. It was a great lesson and one we've continued throughout the year.

  • He became a Brony. 7 of 18

    When I was away at Blissdom blogging conference, Harry discovered My Little Pony. We spent many months of this year watching the tv show, playing the iPad game and then my Babble Editors lovingly sent him a stuffed version of his favorite pony - Rainbow Dash!

  • There was that time I forgot to put shoes on him. 8 of 18

    This memory still makes me laugh - our mornings are so busy and on this morning, we were walking out the door and I'm telling him to hurry and he's like, "Mommy? I don't have shoes on."  Sure enough, I had his lunch packed and my laptop bag ready but no shoes for the kid.

  • He saw his first movie in the theater. 9 of 18

    After months of anticipation, we took him to see Disney's Planes in the theater, complete with popcorn. It was a sweet memory for all three of us.

  • He started playing golf. 10 of 18

    My husband is a huge golfer and this year, Harry got his own real clubs. Doug started taking him to the range as well as chipping in the back yard. I'm thrilled they have this activity together that will last a lifetime.

  • He became a swimmer. 11 of 18

    After a summer at the pool, he went from being timid with the water to  jumping in with no fear and putting his head all the way under water. It's hard to believe that in a few years, he'll be competing on the neighborhood swim team. 

  • I finally got my pony picture. 12 of 18

    This one is 100% about me, but dang, I wanted a picture of my boy on a pony. Last year he wouldn't do it but this year, PONY TIME.

  • He learned to dress himself. 13 of 18

    This picture was taken the first day he put on his own shoes. While it's slow and sometimes his momma is impatient, he is learning to dress himself. It's going to be a BIG help in the mornings!

  • We took him to the zoo for the first time. 14 of 18

    We waited for him to be old enough to really enjoy the animals, and it was perfect. He LOVED the harbor seals and we paid a little extra for him to feed a giraffe. It was a great day.

  • His fourth birthday was really, really cool. 15 of 18

    He received this city and absolutely loved it. We let him stay up late after his bath to play a little longer with it. He showed so much gratitude and joy that day - it made me feel like maybe we're doing something right in raising him.

  • We went to the NC State Fair. 16 of 18

    We've been to the fair with Harry before, but mostly he was strapped to my back and we saw the animals. This year, we went with his best friend and they each got to pick a treat, a ride, and we had an absolute blast.

  • We went camping. 17 of 18

    First we went "camping" in our living room, where we watched The Lorax and Harry and my husband slept in a tent in the living room. Then in October, we took it outdoors for real camping. Minus the dog walking on us and a 3am bathroom break, it was so much fun and we can't wait to go when it warms up again.

  • He made friends with the neighbors. 18 of 18

    Harry had his first lessons in being neighborly, including going up to the neighbors house and asking if the girls can come outside and play. We spend most days watching them zoom around on scooters or play in the backyard together. It's really cool to see the friendships develop and know that soon, I'll be calling out the front door for him to come inside at dinner.


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Beth Anne writes words and takes pictures at Okay, BAYou can also find her on Twitter.

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