SURVEY SAYS! Our Kids Are Drinking Too Much Soda

noah trying root beer
Noah trying root beer. From YouTube

Noah having his first taste of rootbeer was a cute video that went viral last week. A toddler squealing at the spicy, fizzy, sweetness is a cute thing to watch. Noah’s parents are aware they were doing something off base.

The video’s description explains “This is the first time he has had any sugary soda, and we are not planning to make this a habit.” Ah, but they already have. They’ve given him his first high fructose hit of sugar, and the kid is obviously hooked.

Everything in moderation is a great defense for the treats we all want to have in life, the problem is when it’s not in moderation.

A new study is showing that kids are not treating pop as a sometimes treat. It’s a dietary staple for many, consumed on a daily basis – and the statistics are shocking.

 Generations ago, ‘in moderation’, would mean splurging on a fast food meal that would include a 7oz soda as the normal serving. Those normal sizes are now 42 oz. The calories in a ‘serving’ of cola have gone from 90 to 530.

If you have a boy between 6 and 11, you need to buckle down and get things back on track. They’re the group that drink the most sweetened drinks. That means they have about double the risk of being overweight and obese. That’s a slippery slope to be already headed down before your voice even changes.

“A considerable proportion of children aged two to 18 years consumed a dominant pattern of sweetened beverages,” the study’s authors concluded. Children form habits about what they eat and drink early in life and often continue those patterns into adulthood, they said. [cbc]

The study’s authors warn about complacency allowing the consumption of these beverages to be habit forming. If the ‘everything in moderation’ attitude is applied, then the treat becomes a habit, and then becomes a problem. Kids are at risk of serious health issues because of the food we’re feeding them, and sodas are part of that problem.

In the comments on the original CBC news article, Alberta Mama blames the parents. “If children are drinking pop it’s, because adults are buying it for them. You don’t buy it, they don’t drink it,” she writes. “It’s not the fault of pop, it’s the fault of the grown-ups who feed it to their children. Essentially, if it’s not real food or 100% juice, water, etc. we don’t consume it.

What’s your take on soda and kids? Do your young ones drink it? Why?

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