Our Not-So-Treasured Family Tradition


On this, the day before Thanksgiving, most people are spending the day traveling to visit family, cleaning in anticipation of the arrival of company, prepping for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving meal or preparing to celebrate cherished family traditions.

Sadly, my kids and I are taking part in a not-so-awesome, but long standing family tradition.

The Throw Up Bowl.

Growing up, my family had a greenish-blue plastic bowl that’s sole purpose in life was to catch wayward vomit. Any time my sister or I was sick, the throw up bowl had a prominent place on the couch next to us. At the time, I thought it was for our benefit, so we wouldn’t have to run to the bathroom every time we had to puke. But now, as a parent myself, I realize that it actually helped my mom out more. It saved her from having to clean vomit off of the couch, bed, floor, walls or any other surface. If we didn’t make it to the bathroom in time, we had the bowl as back-up.

As I type this, my 4-year-old is curled up on the couch, surrounded by his favorite stuffed animals and my version of the throw up bowl, which happens to be a glass Pyrex measuring bowl. It’s already been used once today, about 37 seconds after he told me that he felt better and was not going to throw up again.

Let me assure you that the throw up bowl is never used for food, or, really, for any other purpose. It is sanitized thoroughly and frequently throughout the day, and again after its final use. It also isn’t stored with the regular bowls.

I realize it’s kind of gross, but is it that out of the ordinary? Does your family have something similar?