Packing for a Family: That's an Olympic Sport, Right?


In what will be our first big vacation out of state as a family, we are taking our children to Disney World next week. This means I spent the better part of the last week stuffing suit cases and planning and list making.

Once you become a parent packing becomes an olympic sport of sorts. I have on more than one occasion broken a sweat while leaning on luggage to make top meet bottom, pulling on the stubborn zippers of bags stretched far beyond their limits, and running up and down the stairs to the kids’ rooms for “just one more thing.” 

Many times I have considered my job done and many times I have been wrong. Anders is pretty perplexed by it all. We haven’t told him yet that we are going on vacation. This is in part to avoid the constant questions that come with a child’s poor understanding of time and how it passes, but it is also because I am dying to make one of those videos that are so popular around the web these days where the parents sit their children down and tell them they are going to Disney.

I’m going to attempt this tomorrow morning when we strap them into their car seats. I have this vision in my head of excited squeals and exclamations and repeated requests for confirmation that this is reality.

I hope I can share that with you tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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