Parents Want to Ban Ice Cream Trucks. To Make Parenting Easier.


Some parents in Brooklyn’s Park Slope want the ice cream trucks to go away.  No, not because the ice cream trucks’ telltale jingle makes them feel like they’re losing their minds.  Rather they want the iconic trucks which are synonymous with summer gone because, get this, the ice cream is just too tempting for their children.

Please give me a few moments to stop rolling my eyes.

Ok, all better.

Sorry, one more eye roll.

So, let’s back up:

Ice cream truck is near the playground.

Kid wants ice cream.

Parent says “no” or “not now” or “you already had ice cream today.”

Kid has tantrum, because, duh, ICE CREAM! And everyone knows that you scream for ice cream.

Instead of thinking, “huh, this is a part of parenting. Saying no to my child.”  Or “how developmentally appropriate  it is for my child to have a test of wills with me!” these group of parents think: “We must ban ice cream trucks throughout the city.”

Be honest, is it me?

Or is this absolutely ridiculous?

Because if our goal is to get rid of all temptation, there are a few bans that I can think of.  Designer shoes, clothes, and Ryan Gosling.

But maybe instead of banning, we can try parenting.  Like we did back in my day.

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