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Parents Want to Ban Ice Cream Trucks. To Make Parenting Easier.

By marinka |

Some parents in Brooklyn’s Park Slope want the ice cream trucks to go away.  No, not because the ice cream trucks’ telltale jingle makes them feel like they’re losing their minds.  Rather they want the iconic trucks which are synonymous with summer gone because, get this, the ice cream is just too tempting for their children.

Please give me a few moments to stop rolling my eyes.

Ok, all better.

Sorry, one more eye roll.

So, let’s back up:

Ice cream truck is near the playground.

Kid wants ice cream.

Parent says “no” or “not now” or “you already had ice cream today.”

Kid has tantrum, because, duh, ICE CREAM! And everyone knows that you scream for ice cream.

Instead of thinking, “huh, this is a part of parenting. Saying no to my child.”  Or “how developmentally appropriate  it is for my child to have a test of wills with me!” these group of parents think: “We must ban ice cream trucks throughout the city.”

Be honest, is it me?

Or is this absolutely ridiculous?

Because if our goal is to get rid of all temptation, there are a few bans that I can think of.  Designer shoes, clothes, and Ryan Gosling.

But maybe instead of banning, we can try parenting.  Like we did back in my day.

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Marinka is a wife and mother of two living in Manhattan's West Village. On her personal site Motherhood in NYC, she blogs about her life in New York City, her kids and family, current events, and the art and science of blogging.

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11 thoughts on “Parents Want to Ban Ice Cream Trucks. To Make Parenting Easier.

  1. alaina (@byrnealaina) says:

    Housewives would probably appreciate Ryan Gosling riding around the city in a truck with a bell giving out inexpensive licks.

  2. Yuliya says:

    Back in my day you could eat all the ice cream you wanted, provided you scared up enough money, so maybe this is just is just about parents not wanting their kids to handle money which is really just communism. I say to the kids: occupy Ice Cream Truck!

  3. Sunday Stilwell says:

    PLEASE don’t let anyone ban Ryan Gosling.

  4. Kim says:

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. What is wrong with these parents? IT’S OKAY TO SAY NO. It will make your child a better person and not a whiney entitled brat that the world despises.

  5. Desiree says:

    Marinnka is absolutely right. This is ridiculous. Saying no to your kid and having them throw a tantrum is normal. Teach them to earn their dollars and save them for the ice cream truck. It’s this old way of living called PARENTING!

  6. Her from @6degreeslove says:

    OMG, I am so overly angry about how RIDICULOUS this is! I can not imagine how horrendous these children are going to be as young adults. And the rest of us are going to have to work with these people that will think they deserve the world to bend and fold to them. Thanks parents. For making life easier on you now, but significantly harder on the rest of us later. Awesome.

  7. Sam says:

    My parents never had a problem with the ice cream truck being at the park or driving down our block. Why? Because if they said no, it meant NO. Listen to these yuppie transplants when they’re talking to their kids; the parent-child relationship is not there. They act like they’re just little friends that will listen to reason. According to this moronic logic, you should ban Toys R Us, Chuck E Cheese, and maybe even commercials geared towards children so you won’t have to be burdened with disciplining your child. Don’t say “they don’t have children so they don’t understand.” Brooklynites, born and raised, never had a problem with this, so why do you?

  8. Stoopmama says:

    (Sigh) I f*cking hate the NY media. (Not you, Marinka, but the papers, gawker, etc.)

    Yes, Park Slope is filled with flighty parents who never say “No!” to their kids. I know many of them and they make me want to punch things. It’s true. I tend to not only say “No!” but shout, and guess what? My kid listens.

    Anyway- they don’t want to ban TRUCKS. They don’t want to ban the guys who sell pretzels and good humor bars. They DO want to ban these 2 women who come into the 9th Street Playground (Harmony playground) illegally with these makeshift carts selling some of the most vile, e coli-ridden “icies” ever made. Seriously, they’re probably made with water from the Gowanus in a basement somewhere- they’re that nasty. They come INTO the playground and roll the cart around with their e coli icies, ringing a little bell, and the kids go crazy. Granted, I’ve let my kid have them a zillion times (and even she doesn’t finish them bc they’re so gross), but I’ve also said “No!” on many occasions and I’m pretty sure i didn’t harm her chances of getting into Bates or Brown by wounding her delicate spirit with my stern command.

    So yes, many PS parents are total p*ssies, but in this case the Media had it all wrong. Not only are the bacteria icies totally unlicensed and illegal, but they’re taking $ away from the guys doing it legally, and selling my Toasted Almond Bars.

  9. dusty earth mother says:

    So utterly lame. Excuse me while I roll my eyes until they spin out of my head.

  10. sadie says:

    any parent who seriously wants to ban ice cream trucks and ruin summer for other children just because they don’t feel like buying their kids ice cream, or dealing with them when they say no, is completely insane. and quite honestly, shouldn’t be parents at all. that’s so incredibly selfish. some of my fondest summer childhood memories are of chasing down the ice cream man and sitting outside eating popsicles. but these nutjobs want to deny all kids of that because they’re shitty parents? wow. if you don’t want to have to deal with the ice cream man, keep your kids and your awful self inside. don’t try to ruin summer for all kids just to benefit you and yours. because believe it or not, the world doesn’t revolve around your damn children. so keep the kids inside, and turn up the tv so they don’t hear the ice cream man. or stop being such a nazi and let the kids enjoy their damn summer!!!!!

  11. sadie says:

    oh and one more thing. i’m only in my early 20s so it wasn’t super long ago, but when i was a kid, during the summer when the ice cream truck would come around, i didn’t get it everyday. sure he came around pretty much everyday but i didn’t get it every time. and it may have pissed me off, but i understood it was more of a once or twice a week treat than an everyday thing. so really, these parents can’t even let their kids have ice cream once a week? or once a month? or once during the whole summer? if these parents really successfully get rid of the ice cream man i’m going to start a protest and a riot. that’s so incredibly ridiculous. next are they going to go around the neighborhood asking parents to not let their kids play with their new toys outside, because new toys are too tempting? are they going to ask the city to take down snack and soda machines, because snacks are too tempting? if their child gets invited to a birthday party, are they going to request no ice cream or sweets be served there, because it’s too tempting???? when you put it into context, you realize just how insane they are. these people are ridiculous and i REALLY hope they don’t get away with it.

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