Peanut Butter as a Weapon: Cheerleaders Suspended


I am really disgusted.

In a long line of what the hell is wrong with kids today, comes this new entry.

Nine Utah cheerleaders were suspended after they allegedly hazed incoming cheer squad members by blindfolding them, taking them to a park, forcing them to do pushups and sit-ups and throwing various items at them, including peanut butter.  One of the girls so hazed suffered a minor allergic reaction.

There is so much that I hate about all this, the whole concept of hazing (even without pushups), the humiliation that is inherent and is the very point of the ritual. I hate that nine cheerleaders put their heads together and not one of them said “this is not a good idea”. I hate that they disregarded the fact that some people have lethal nut allergies and they are all so very lucky that this didn’t end worse.

But what I hate most is that we are raising kids who are raising children who despite our best efforts still think of this as more of a prank and not an assault.

It makes me very, very sad.  And disgusted.



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