50mm f/1.4 ISO 1600 1/150 aka Photographing a Child in CONSTANT MOTION


If you’re familiar with camera speak at all you’ll know that the mish mash of numbers above means I pushing my camera AS HARD AS I COULD to get a photo of a moving child in low light without a flash. (Spoiler alert: it didn’t go so well.) BUT! I got photos. I got photos that capture exactly what life is like with this little girl around. This little girl who loves gymnastics and does nothing but flip, twirl and tumble in our front room up until we demand her to go to bed.

She never stands still.

I joked that you know when you live with a gymnast when you have more photos of them upside down than right side up, which is exactly what I have.

When it comes to photographing children, I’ve learned that it’s better to take a mediocre picture than none at all. These photos prove that.

Behold: A gloomy evening in the life of Addie.

  • look at the JOY on her face. 1 of 11
    look at the JOY on her face.
    This totally makes writing that check every month worth it.
  • hop. 2 of 11
  • cartwheels. 3 of 11
  • foot flash. 4 of 11
    foot flash.
  • bridge. 5 of 11
  • a fluff of flying hair. 6 of 11
    a fluff of flying hair.
  • back rolls. 7 of 11
    back rolls.
    And I'm not talking muffin top.
  • jump. 8 of 11
  • right side up! 9 of 11
    right side up!
    The only one with her face upright!
  • fly. 10 of 11
  • THE JOY! 11 of 11
    THE JOY!

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