Please Don't Be The Parent That Kills Halloween [Video]


parents and kids dressing up for halloweenIt’s been sad times about Halloween on the Kid Scoop blog recently.

Devan wrote that carving pumpkins isn’t fun. Christine was raising alarm bells about child luring. Marinka admitted she dreads Halloween. Even I chimed in by saying it’s time for Charlie Brown to retire.

What?! This is one of the best holidays of the year. A holiday that really tells you a lot about the kind of neighborhood you live in.

Lots of costumed goblins? You have a young, vibrant community. Not so many trick or treaters? Your community is old, and the parents of the young’uns are living in fear.

Halloween is one of the best times of year to create community. After the jump, why you need to get out and chat with your neighbors, and not be one of the parents that are killing Halloween.

Will you go trick-or-treating this year? What’s the #kidcount you expect at your door? Does your school let the kids dress up for Halloween?

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Image Credit Buzz Bishop. No use without permission.