Procrastinating Picker-Upper

Yesterday I laid down the ‘clean your room’ law, which was hard considering Addie’s room style is so much like mine was.

My mom would have described it as a messy disaster, I saw it as my place to be creative.

I don’t have a problem with Addie’s room being sort of messy all the time, but when it’s so messy you can’t tell what color the carpet is and it begins spilling out into the hallway? That’s when it has to end. Especially now with summer getting so close, I need things in relative order so it’s not a constant battle all summer. She began cleaning yesterday afternoon and managed to fill one laundry basket, what she did with the rest of her time I’m not sure.

Today she came home from school and you wouldn’t believe how much she got done in 3 hours.


This is what she got done with in THREE HOURS.

She organized the DVDs. Given they were a bit askew, it wouldn’t have taken me three hours even if I had dusted each one and alphabetized them. I did tell her she could take as long as she wanted but there wouldn’t be any privileges until her room and the loft were cleaned and cleaned properly. (Guess how many times I’ve gone in to a clean room only to find everything she owns either A) shoved under the bed or B) shoved into the closet? A lot. That’s how many.)

She ended up crying defeat at 7pm claiming that she had a stomach ache so bad she couldn’t even stand up straight (this was after asking for a glass of water, comfier socks, claiming her sister NEEDED to play with her and that dad would surely want her help with the dishes. NO GO LADY.)

As of tonight the loft and hallway are free of the Addie explosion. Her room? Well, it still looks like that photo above. We made a deal today that as long as she was actively cleaning she could listen to Taylor Swift on her DS, that deal will stay a deal until either her room is clean or I catch her futzing for hours on end sorting her Barbies by eye color.

I now know how my mom felt trying to convince me to clean my room. While I won’t expect spotless from her (I can’t even keep my room spotless) I will expect order and control. Once everything is tidy and neat, we’re going to be going through and she’ll be choosing a few things to donate. Being an only child, and an only grandchild with six grandparents has left her…how do I say…not lacking for material possessions.

Do your kids have messy rooms? Do you ever want to run through them with a garbage bag and THROW IT ALL OUT? (I’ve never done that, I’m pretty sure that’s how some people end up on Hoarders but I do dream about it on occasion.)

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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