Readers Reply: "The naughtiest thing I've ever let my kid get away with is ___"

With parenting, everything can seem like a battle with our kids. What time they should go to bed, what time they should wake up, no candy after 5pm, no playing outside when it’s raining — and many more ways we can argue with our kids.

Sometimes, it get to be too much and we want to give our kids and ourselves a bit of a break. We avert our eyes, pretend we didn’t hear what just was said or ignore a rule that is usually standing in our house. It’s the little moments, where the fight is not in us and there will be no harm in the long run.

I’ve certainly had moments like that — where cereal for dinner is what is wanted by the kids and so much easier for me. Or nights where I pretend I don’t know they are still awake and playing at 10pm, knowing they don’t have school the next day and it’s no big deal. We all have moments like that, and earlier we asked you guys what the naughtiest thing you’ve let your kid get away with.

Click through to see how Babble readers finished the sentence: “The naughtiest thing I’ve ever let my kid get away with is ____”:

  • Swearing 1 of 7
    "When my 3-year-old said the "F" word. It was an exact replication of the way I would have said it." - Tiffa
    Photo credit: mdanys on Flickr
  • Eating Ice Cream for Dinner 2 of 7
    Eating Ice Cream for Dinner
    " Ice cream for dinner, which I do not regret. Every summer he gets once or twice ice cream for dinner. Nice little tradition" - Monica
    Photo credit: dverbeek on Flickr
  • Going on a Sugar Binge 3 of 7
    Going on a Sugar Binge
    "Filling my nephews with sugar then sending them back home" - Cristina
    Photo credit: eyeliam on Flickr
  • Biting 4 of 7
    "Biting me or daddy playfully, though he is guilty of biting with intent, but hasn't gotten away with that..." - Amy
    Photo credit: kro-media on Flickr
  • Wiping His Nose on Mom’s Clothes 5 of 7
    Wiping His Nose on Mom's Clothes
    "Cleaning his nose on my new pants" - Funky
    Photo credit: chanbliss on Flickr
  • Grabbing a Manta Ray 6 of 7
    Grabbing a Manta Ray
    "Picking up a manta ray at an aquarium. I told him to touch only, and to be gentle but he picked one up and all I did was take a picture." - Tia
    Photo credit: John_Brennan on Flickr
  • I’ll Never Tell 7 of 7
    I'll Never Tell
    "This is a set up! No comment" - Ashley
    Photo credit: photostock

:: What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever let your kid get away with? ::

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