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Why Do Women Hate Men?Readers Respond in the Battle of the Sexes

By dadcamp |


Why Cant We Just Get Along?

It’s been quite the week here on Babble.

Cody’s 10 Things Moms Do Better Than Dads got things going with what was intended to be a Mother’s Day ode turned sour. When Babble’s Facebook page asked if anyone would add something to the list, dozens of smug Moms added “everything,” while Dads were pleading to be treated as equals in the parenting equation.

Then, when a study that found that 3/4 of women love their kids more than their husband hit the streets this week, the women broke into song again, deriding the men that gave their children life.

While many didn’t like the question, didn’t think it was fair, and simply said the love they have for their kids and their husband “is different,” others saw it as a chance to take a swipe at men.

Krista Wales got things started early with, “I only “like” my husband for the sake of the kids!!! LOL”.

Sorry, Krista (and the 17 people who added a “Like” to her comment), that’s not an LOL. It’s actually kind of sad.

“It may not be funny, Buzz … but for many women its true!” commented Tammy Tamara Tamtam. “Sorry but I love my kids before any man cause a man can be here today and then they gone tomorrow my kids will always come before my husband that’s my opinion.”

“You can always replace a man,” echoed Heather Burnett. “But you can NEVER. Replace your CHILDREN …. 75% REALLY!?!?!?!?! Wow has to be young teens or drug using mothers to say husbands over kids!”

“My kids are my world,” wrote AmandaCorey Schlein before taking the knife, turning it, and plunging it deeper. “My husband’s just an accessory.”

Well, that was the last straw for the more reasonable people on the discussion, who were actually debating the different kinds of love you have for your kids and husband.

“Gosh Amanda I feel bad for your husband,” wrote Jaclyn Stem. “Does he know you just see him as an accessory? That’s really messed up.”

My husband’s just an accessory.

“I think this ‘Men are expendable’ attitude is part of the reason why a lot of men bail on their responsibilities,” added Migzilla Candia, standing up for the guys. “I’m not making excuses for them (I’m not one of those guys), but can understand the feeling.”

“By looking at these responses, it’s easy to see why so many couples get divorced when the kids leave the house,” added Matt Peregoy. “They haven’t worked on their relationship while raising their kids and then the kids are gone and they feel like they don’t know each other. It’s really sad.”

The guys were feeling the attacks, and hurting, but thankfully there was one Mom who sees parenting as a Team Sport, where both partners contribute to make things work.

After reading the post, Megan Leary turned to her husband and asked, “Can we agree now that we love our daughter more than each other?” Without skipping a beat he said, “Absolutely!” She then gleefully posted, “We have a very happy, healthy and loving marriage and will be together forevah!

Exactly. Enough of the Mommy Wars, Daddy Wars, and Mommy vs. Daddy Wars. We’re on the same team, and it’s time to start acting like it.

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9 thoughts on “Why Do Women Hate Men?Readers Respond in the Battle of the Sexes

  1. goddess says:

    Yup- and I agree with Matt.
    I’ve never understood the concept of mocking or degrading your spouse.

  2. Miriam says:

    I love my husband. We were together for a few years before we got married, we were both divorced previously, I had kids, he did not. Watching him change those first few diapers when we had our first child together was hilarious. I never made fun of him in a disparaging way though, because he was TRYING and LEARNING. He’s fantastic, loves me and my baggage, and I would never, ever be able to replace him. I don’t understand why anyone would be married to someone they were capable of talking down to, or about. If the roles were reversed, people would be crying “SEXISM”. Guys talking about their wives disparagingly? “HONEY GET OUT, HE’S NOT WORTH IT.” When you get married, there is no you and I anymore, it is US. A team to get through life together, kids or not. My husband and I make a pretty kickass team, and I hope it’s like that for another 70 years.

    1. dadcamp says:

      Thanks Miriam, Agreed. It’s a team sport!!

  3. NewYorkDad says:

    I still do not get these never ending Parenting Wars. They are petty, infantile, banal and, frankly, pointless. To each their own as far as who brings home the bacon, who takes out the trash, who puts the kids to sleep, who is bad cop, who kisses the boo-boo better, who wipes their butts faster, who is… so on and so forth. I can tell you that regardless, in my family’s case, I love my two sons more than myself and my wife. They are THE life changing event in my life. I will love them no matter what, where and when. My wife loves my two sons more than herself and me. They are THE life changing event in her life. She will love them no matter what, where and when. Having said that I can now go back to my crocheting while my wife watches the game in the other room.

    1. dadcamp says:

      This post was more to shine a light on the comments that some still find appropriate. I am not an accessory.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Without the love between my husband and myself, I wouldn’t even know how to love another human being. I love my kids because my husband taught me what true love is…. putting others before your self.

  5. Mamazee73 says:

    I think the problem is that women are trained/groomed to not count on their spouse, starting in high school guidance class… You are not even allowed to dream of being a wife and mother. But without the deep, deep vulnerability being exposed and fulfilled by their husband, many women will never have the relationship they crave with their husband and instead will settle for “girl’s nights out” and eventual divorce. My husband is my best friend and he’s the one i most want to be with. Right now i am on bedrest with our eighth child. He works all day, gets groceries, runs errands, and is really investing in relationship with the children. 13 years ago, he broke a vertebrae playing college football and i was there for him. We have a weekly date night, share novels, deliberately take part in each other’s hobbies (he came to my jazz gigs, i cheered for his rugby and football games) as well as find new hobbies we can enjoy together and with our children (hiking, canoeing, photography). In the back of mind, i’m not worried about him leaving. I am investing everything i have into this life, and so is he. Nothing held back…
    Like that Fleetwood Mac song “I built my life around you…”. It is better to live with arms wide open than to build a life expecting abandonment and broken promises…

  6. ursula albrecht says:

    This is sad. I think that it is especially hard if people get married because of their kids. This happens quite a bit. Parents that stop flirting, stop sexing and stop respecting. It is too hard to sleep next to the only person you can have sex with and not get it on. But men that don’t make an effort to make their wives happy really loose out. Women who don’t appreciate a good guy when they have it or are too focused on trying to change the same guy they married loose out too! A relationship is a two way street. If you are not both on board of the marriage and parent train and participating in the party then someone gets left behind and people just move on. It is life! It always takes two!!!

  7. Shaikh says:

    I wonder what the incentives are for a guy to get married if his wife will see him as an accessory in one way or the other. Oh well bye bye ladies!

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