Readers Respond: One Thing I Refuse to Feel Guilty About as a Parent is ...

Parent guilt, mommy guilt — I am sure we all have it at one point (or a few million points) during our child-raising times. It’s a hard one to swallow because we all feel so strongly about wanting the best for our kids and that guilt can have us second guessing decisions and actions at times. Also hard because there is no ‘how the heck am I supposed to do this’ parenting book out there that would answer everyone’s questions.

Everyone parents different — that’s what makes the world fun. Near all of us just do what we think is best for our kids — guilt-free or guilt-ridden — it’s usually out of love.

We all hear the great things that people do with their kids — it’s not often someone will speak up and tell us how they parent guilt-free … even if it clashes with what we *think* we are supposed to do.  Babble asked our readers to finish this sentence “The one thing I refuse to feel guilty about as a parent is _______________.”

Click through to see how readers finished off this sentence:

  • ‘Taking a Nap’ 1 of 10
    'Taking a Nap'
    Oh how I feel you on this one! My mom would always tell me to take any and all opportunities to nap - I listen and won't give that up!
    Image Credit: gazeronly via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘Cleaning My Own House. I Pay a Friend’ 2 of 10
    'Cleaning My Own House. I Pay a Friend'
    Sounds like a great way to take some pressure off you and a 'treat' for your hard work!
    Image Credit: Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘Saying NO!!’ 3 of 10
    'Saying NO!!'
    A big one a few Babble readers responded to was not feeling guilty for saying no, teaching respect or discipline. It's important to raise our kids with boundaries.
    Image Credit: David Castillo via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘Going Shopping Without the Kids’ 4 of 10
    'Going Shopping Without the Kids'
    It's been so long for me I'm not sure I can remember what that looks like?!
    Image Credit: photostock via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘Not Giving My Child Candy or Sugar’ 5 of 10
    'Not Giving My Child Candy or Sugar'
    A decision I bet will pay off as your child is not going to be the one screaming for a chocolate bar in a few years instead of an apple. Well thought out decisions should not give us guilt.
    Image Credit: Arvind Balaraman via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘Making Time for Mommy-Time’ 6 of 10
    'Making Time for Mommy-Time'
    Another no-guilt thing for many Babble readers and one I think is very important to make time for. Being out without the kids and with adults talking about adult-y things can help rejuvenate!
    Image Credit: photostock via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘Taking a Relaxing Bath … Alone’ 7 of 10
    'Taking a Relaxing Bath ... Alone'
    Oh another one I can not remember what it would be like. Seems like such a small thing but can make a world of difference in sanity!
    Image Credit: winnond via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘Pushing My Kids to get a College Degree’ 8 of 10
    'Pushing My Kids to get a College Degree'
    Always good to have goals and ambition. As long as pushing that on kids doesn't backfire.
    Image Credit: t0zz via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘Deciding to Home School’ 9 of 10
    'Deciding to Home School'
    I love when the 'hard' parenting decisions that really super-shape how their lives are going to be - turn out to be guilt-free choices. That's comforting!
    Image Credit: photostock via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘Letting the Dishes and Dust Pile Up So I Can Spend Time With Kids’ 10 of 10
    'Letting the Dishes and Dust Pile Up So I Can Spend Time With Kids'
    I let my dishes pile up but that's just cause I am too lazy to go and do them... or too busy with all three kids... I'm going to adapt this guilt-free one!
    Image Credit: koratmember via FreeDigitalPhotos

:: Your turn! Tell me – what is one thing YOU refuse to feel guilty about?””

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