Readers Respond: The Silly Things Kids Believe

Chocolate milk, anyone?

When I first compiled a list of the silliest things that kids believe, I had no less than a bajillion (yes, that is a technical term) things to choose from. I picked my favorite 10, and, as I figured, Babble’s readers came through and let me know what other amazing ones I had left off.

So, in an effort to further entertain us all, I went ahead and pulled together a few more that were left by readers on Facebook and in the original comments.

You can check them out below.

  • Down the Drain 1 of 10
    Down the Drain
    If you're still in the bathtub when the water drains, you'll get sucked down the drain!
    Photo Credit: Morgue File
  • How Now Brown Cow 2 of 10
    How Now Brown Cow
    Chocolate milk comes from brown cows. But now I want to know where Strawberry milk comes from?
    Photo Credit: Sheffield Tiger via Flickr
  • Dog and Cat Differences 3 of 10
    Dog and Cat Differences
    All dogs are boys and all cats are girls.
    Photo Credit: Morgue File
  • Goldfish Crackers…Literally 4 of 10
    Goldfish Crackers...Literally
    Goldfish crackers are made from real goldfish.
    Photo Credit: Morgue File
  • Flip the Switch 5 of 10
    Flip the Switch
    The sun and moon are controlled by a light switch, just flip 'em on and off every morning and night!
    Photo Credit: Dottie Mae via Flickr
  • Lima Beans Scare Away Insects 6 of 10
    Lima Beans Scare Away Insects
    Eat your lima beans and the mosquitoes will leave you alone!
    Photo Credit: J Calhoun via Flickr
  • You Have Eyes WHERE 7 of 10
    You Have Eyes WHERE
    Mom sees everything...because she has eyes in the back of her head!
    Photo Credit: StarDust via Flickr
  • Liar Liar… 8 of 10
    Liar Liar...
    If you lie, your tongue will turn black and your parents will see it and know!
    Photo Credit: Paul Shannon via Flickr
  • Stop Licking… 9 of 10
    Stop Licking...
    If you lick people a monster is going to come lick YOU while you sleep!
    Photo Credit: Tambako via Flickr
  • Eat the Crust 10 of 10
    Eat the Crust
    The crust of the bread is where all the healthy stuff is, so you have to eat it!
    Photo Credit: Morgue File

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