Readers Respond With 21 Things That Make Them Grouchy

Don't bother me, I'm grouchy!

The other day, I had myself a good chuckle as I read through Babble’s Facebook readers’ response to this post about the things we do when we’re grouchy. I was having a particularly grouchy moment, and for some reason reading through all the things that get parents grouchy cheered me right up. Why is it that when we know we’re not alone, we feel better? Thank you, thank you, thank you Babble readers for all the funny and empathetic responses!

You know, it’s hard to recognize the good moments if we don’t experience the bad moments. How else are we supposed to learn patience in this life if we aren’t faced with the challenge of parenthood? Has there ever been a greater challenge that required such selflessness and love? Those little monkeys of ours sure know how to teach us, don’t they?

Well, I just had to share what tickled my belly that day. There were too many to list, so I condensed the list to the most popular and the funniest.

When asked to finish the sentence, Nothing makes me grouchier than___________, here is what was said:


1. Lack of sleep (this one was unanimous! More people agreed with lack of sleep causing grouchiness than any other factor).

2. Whining (this one came in at a close second. Honestly, who likes whining?)

3. Kids fighting (I deal with my share of that over here, and it is on my grouch list too.)

4. Kids won’t eat what I’ve made

5. Repeating myself (It’s so much fun to hear the sound of our voices over and over and over and over and over and over…)

6. When I’m hungry

7. Kids are being disrespectful

8. Messy and chaotic house

9. Re-washing clean, folded clothes that got thrown in with the dirty clothes because folks were too lazy to put them away. -Jodi

10. Dinner is on the table and Daddy’s late. -Tiffany

11. Being sick

12. Kids complaining

13. My other half (Unfortunately this is one too. Why do the people we love the most seem to irritate us the most at times?)

14. Kids not listening/I’m being ignored

15. House full of skunks. -Jeffrey (I was laughing with this one. Whether he meant “stinky” or not, that is one thing that gets me grouchy, smelly breath and smelly anything.)

16. Kids won’t nap

17. Migraines

18. Noise

19. Being late

20. My lack of planning (especially dinner)

21. Feeling smothered and getting my feet stepped on (Ohhhh, I hate that too!)

What makes you grouchy? Did it make the list?

Don’t fret, a happy list is coming…be thinking about the things that make you the happiest!


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