Rough Housing or Fighting?


My kids play rough.

My two oldest children have always played like this and it has always seemed normal to me. Their cousins play like this so nothing seemed out of the ordinary to me.

Recently, my kids were playing in an office and I took a look at them rolling around on the floor and while it made me smile because they were having a great time, one of the mothers said those dreaded words, “Don’t you think that they are playing a little rough?”

While my first thought was “Jeez lady mind your own business,” I actually thought for a few minutes, took another look at my kids and decided that she might actually be right.

So in this case, I did what any self-respecting mother would do and said, “Hmmmmm….” while not looking her in the eye.

I started looking closely and noticed some bruising. A few red marks. And perhaps I saw a couple of painful looking winces. I thought to myself, “how did I let it get this far?” and then of course, “How do I make it stop?”

What do you do when you think that your kids play too rough?

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Photo courtesy of Morguefile