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Same Sh*t, Different Species (Photos)

She walked with a purpose, as if she was in a hurry. Daylight was fading, and it was obvious that she had somewhere she wanted to be. Following behind, her two children were oblivious to her intentions. To them, it was a big game. A fun walk in the snow. They would stop occasionally to play, and you could almost see the look of exasperation on her face as she turned around to stop them. You could practically hear her telling them that now was not the time, that they must hurry along. I’m sure the children giggled and the mother rolled her eyes.

As I watched the scene unfold, I could imagine myself in the same scenario. I had, in fact, probably been in a similar situation a few times over. But this wasn’t a replay of my life that I was watching; it was a scene from Discovery Channel’s Frozen Planet. And it wasn’t a human mother and children, it was polar bears.

It occurred to me, in that moment, that even though we are different species, as mothers we have more things in common than you or I might originally think. I spent a few hours thinking about ways that mothers are similar, even if they don’t share the same genetic code.

You can see a few of the similarities that I came up with after the jump, and then tell me, have you ever been able to relate to a mother from another species?

  • You Can Never Sleep On Your Own Time 1 of 8
    You Can Never Sleep On Your Own Time
    Instead of sleeping whenever you want, once you become a mother you sleep on someone else's schedule.
    The caption from one of the previous photos in this set reads "This little 5 month old baby kept playing while mom wanted to sleep. Mom grabbed her and attempted to snuggle with her, but the baby would have nothing to do with sleeping." Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
    Photo Credit: Arkansas Shutterbug via Flickr
  • There’s Always Someone Who Wants To Eat Your Food 2 of 8
    There's Always Someone Who Wants To Eat Your Food
    Once you're a mother, it is nearly impossible to eat something without having a child insist you share. And you do, even if you don't want to.
    Photo Credit: Tambako http://www.flickr.com/photos/tambako/6465340489/
  • You Perfect Your Refereeing Skills 3 of 8
    You Perfect Your Refereeing Skills
    Whether it's a play fight or a real fight, as a Mother you're often watching them unfold and, inevitably, breaking them up.
    Photo Credit: Martin Lopatka via Flickr
  • There’s A Lesson To Teach 4 of 8
    There's A Lesson To Teach
    Until the day they "leave the nest" it seems that there's always an important lesson to teach them about surviving on their own. It might be how to catch a fish, or how to prepare a fish, but a life lesson is a life lesson.
    Photo Credit: US Fish & Wildlife Service Headquarters via Flickr
  • You Lose All Sense of Personal Space 5 of 8
    You Lose All Sense of Personal Space
    It seems as if there's always someone encroaching on your personal space. Sometimes, it's awesome. Other times, it's all you can do to not lose your mind from the near constant contact.
    Photo Credit: A Schaf via Flickr
  • There’s Always Someone Chirping In Your Ear 6 of 8
    There's Always Someone Chirping In Your Ear
    Kids, no matter the species, are almost always making noise. Laughing, crying, yelling, talking, singing, howling, barking, chirping...it seems that some type of sound is constantly emanating from them.
    Photo Credit: US Fish & Wildlife Service Headquarters via Flickr
  • You’re Always on the Defense 7 of 8
    You're Always on the Defense
    Your kid's safety is your number one priority and you'll do pretty much anything to protect them if you think they're in danger. In fact, pecking someone's eyes out may have crossed your mind a time or two.
    Photo Credit: Jennifer Junniper Mom via Flickr
  • There’s Always Someone to Clean 8 of 8
    There's Always Someone to Clean
    As a general rule, kids of any species are a magnet for dirt and grime. As soon as they're clean, they usually need to be bathed again.
    Photo Credit: A Schaf via Flickr

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