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Learning about successful business women inspires me. I stayed home with my kids for the past six years, and since they are all school age now, I’ve decided to focus on my career. It’s encouraging to find women who have found jobs they love and who are mind-bogglingly good at it. Who are the women that inspire you? I asked my readers this a few days ago. Check out some of the answers they sent me! Who would you add to the list?  Also! I made a fun slideshow game!

I started thinking about this post after I watched the documentary Art & Copy a few nights ago (it’s on Netflix instant watch!). It’s all about the advertising world. Out of all the people they interviewed, I was most intrigued by Mary Wells Lawrence. It was her campaign that brought us the “I Love NY” phrase/song back in the seventies. AND she was the first woman CEO to make it onto the NY Stock Exchange board.

In the movie, Mary Wells Lawrence was asked what made her so successful. She responded, “I never get tired.” Today, as I have a million things to do and feel totally exhausted, I keep telling myself, “I never get tired. I never get tired. I never get tired. And I LOVE NY!”

After learning about Mary Wells, I starting think about all the women who inspire me. And then put the question out to my readers. Thank you to all those who participated!  Here’s the top ten list I came up with from the answers sent to me. Feel free add yours in the comment section!

1. Sheryl Sandberg (via Whitney at Find Penguin)

2. Diane Keaten (via Alexandra)

3. Tina Fey (via Alexandra)

4. Judy Blume (via Jodi at Passport in My Pocket–her Judy Blume quotes are awesome!)

5. JK Rowling (via Stacy at Short Story Long and Ashley at Sugar and Cloth)

6. Miranda July (via Sharon at Currently Coveting and Sheri at Donuts, Dresses, and Dirt)

7. Ginger Rogers (via Britt at FanFamFun)

8. Coco Chanel (via Ashley at Sugar and Cloth)

9. Harper Lee (via Alexandra)

10. Indra Kooyi (via Alexandra)

Now it’s time for the Slideshow Game. See if you can match the quote with the woman who said it.  The first slide will show the quote, then the next slide will be the person who said it.  I’ll only use the women mentioned in the list above. But not all of them! Good luck! I’ll start you off easy …

  • Guess Who? 1 of 14
    Guess Who?
  • Judy Blume 2 of 14
    Judy Blume
    I remember when I read "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret." I was in college! I hope my daughter discovers Judy Blume earlier than I did! She's the best!
  • Guess Who? 3 of 14
    Guess Who?
  • JK Rowling 4 of 14
    JK Rowling
    This quote was taken from the speech she gave to Harvard grads in 2008. It's awesome! Secret: I've never read her books! Am I the only one?!
  • Guess Who? 5 of 14
    Guess Who?
  • Miranda July 6 of 14
    Miranda July
    I love her sense of humor!
  • Guess Who? 7 of 14
    Guess Who?
  • Diane Keaton 8 of 14
    Diane Keaton
    I think a big part of my excitement of moving to Manhattan was largely due to my love of Annie Hall.
  • Guess Who? 9 of 14
    Guess Who?
  • Ginger Rogers 10 of 14
    Ginger Rogers
    I think she is so fun!
  • Guess Who? 11 of 14
    Guess Who?
  • Tina Fey 12 of 14
    Tina Fey
    Am I the last one to finish reading Bossy Pants? I just finished yesterday. It's always so sad when a good book ends. I want her to write another!
  • Guess Who? 13 of 14
    Guess Who?
  • Sheryl Sandberg 14 of 14
    Sheryl Sandberg
    COO of Facebook. If you haven't listened to her Ted yet, you should! Click on her name in the post to listen to it.

photo credits: Tina Fey via Wikipedia Sheryl Sandburg via Wikipedia, Judy Blume via her official website, Diane Keaten via Wikipedia, Miranda July via her official website, Ginger Rogers via Wikipedia, JK Rowling via Wikipedia

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