Scrapbooking as a Tool to Ease Separation Anxiety

Miss me?

In just over a week I’ll be boarding a plane with my baby and heading to Utah for a week to be with family and to speak at a conference. Addie will be staying behind in Indiana with Cody since she has a full week of intensive gymnastics camp that she wouldn’t miss for anything. Separating the girls is hard, they both enjoy each other so much and Cody and I appreciate the distraction they are to each other. From a very young age Addie has always requested to have a photo of Cody and me taped to her bed and at this very moment she has three different photos of her dad and mom taped and tucked to her bed in various spots.

(We’ll ignore the one time she was mad at me and stuck a sticker over my face.)

Addie has taken photos of us with her on sleepovers, to school and chances are one will be tucked away in her bag each day at gymnastics camp. It’s comforting to have a tangible reminder of the people who love you most, which is why I always use photos and bookmarks and have two or three of my favorite photos tucked away in my Kindle cover and briefcase. (It also makes showing my kids off to complete strangers a lot easier on airplanes.) After making Addie’s little scrapbook of our trip to Chicago I figured that for $7.60 I could make a few more for her and pull them out just before I leave on several more trips this summer. (One of which is a cruise with just Cody FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK.)

She’ll be able to carry around her little scrapbook everywhere she goes if she wants, she could also show it to her sister, sleep with it or show it off at show and tell. While she’ll most likely treat it as a prized possession, it won’t be the end of the world if the baby gets a hold of it or it gets shoved in the bottom of a school bag.
Wendy’s Free Scrapbooking app on Facebook lets you create super cute digital scrapbooks that are way cooler than individual prints, yet cost about the same. (I had to get a photo printed at a kiosk today and it was TEN DOLLARS for a 4×6. Sheesh!) It will certainly ease my mind knowing I’m leaving her behind with 20 pages of how much we love her while we’re on our cruise.


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