Poverty and Hunger. Are You Discussing It With Your Child?


Have you heard about Lily? She’s the latest muppet on the block and the star of Sesame Street’s upcoming prime-time special, “Growing Hope Against Hunger.”

In this hour long program, Sesame Street attempts to shed light on a nationwide epidemic, one which affected 16.2 million children in 2010 according to the USDA— food insecurity. During the  show Lily,  a  seven year old girl,  reveals to Elmo and friends the struggle she faces growing up in a home where there isn’t always enough food to eat.

The program also features country music star Brad Paisley and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams Paisley, and teaches children ways they can help like volunteering, planting a community garden, and organizing a food drive.

For years, Sesame street has been tackling tough issues, presenting them in a simple way  children can understand. Past shows have addressed topics such as suffering grief from the loss of a parent, war, and Sesame Street South Africa even has a HIV-positive muppet named Tammy.

Personally, I think it’s important for children to have an understanding and awareness of issues that affect millions of Americans and, likely, their peers. Programs like this one help children gain that understanding by addressing hunger and poverty from a child’s point of view.

The show is set to air October 9th at 7 p.m. on PBS. Will you let your children watch? Do you feel comfortable educating your children about social issues?