OH I KNOW! Observations of a Seven Year Old.


“We sure do have some good lights in our neighborhood.”

“Yeah.” she replied as she thoughtfully stared out the window at the passing houses. “Mom? Why is it called a neighborhood?”

“Um…” I realized I had no idea why it’s called a neighborhood.

“I don’t know…I mean…it’s all of our neighbors….and…”

“OH I KNOW!” she shouted from the back seat.

I couldn’t wait to hear her explanation.

“So the Earth, we’re on it and it’s like a big head and since it’s winter it’s cold and so the Earth is cold and so it has to wear a sweater. So maybe since we’re on the side of the Earth we’re in the hood of with all of our neighbors so it’s called a neighborhood!”

I can’t argue with that.

Today when we were in the car I asked if Vivi had fallen asleep and Addie said “No.”

Thinking that was the end of her answer I started to think about something else when Addie added, “She’s daydreaming.”

I love this kid so hard.


Addie had this pretty sweet dream last week.

She doesn’t just say sweet things, she draws sweet things too.

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