Showing Her a Future


Yesterday my dad took Addie to the PAC 12 gymnastics championship in Salt Lake. I asked the night before if my dad would be willing to take her, partly because I didn’t want to dump the baby on my parents and also because the idea of my dad and Addie hanging out makes me really happy. My parents got divorced when I was five meaning the time my dad was able to just hang out with us, let alone individually, was squelched pretty quickly. Addie loves being around her grandparents, by proxy she loves the University of Utah and she loves gymnastics, so it all seemed perfect.

Plus she got ice cream, I’m not sure it gets much better.

Growing up college was always assumed to be the next step after high school. It wasn’t optional or something other people did, it’s what *we* did. My neighbors growing up never went to college, their son who is a few years younger than me was the first college graduate in their family ever. I may not have a doctorate, but I have a college degree. Cody and all of his sisters have degrees as well, two of them have masters. When I think about Addie’s future it’s school, high school, college. We’re making every effort we can to pay for at least her undergrad and we’re hoping that she can get a scholarship with either gymnastics or her crazy list making ability (surely they give scholarships for list making, yes?) It just so happens that the University of Utah has an amazing gymnastics program. We talk to her about going to school there and getting to live with grandma and grandpa while she does gymnastics at the U.

In her 7 year old mind it sounds like the most perfect arrangement ever. Do gymnastics, live with grandma and grandpa and go to mom and dad’s school. In reality a lot will change between now and high school graduation, I’m just hoping her drive to go to college doesn’t and I have to believe that by talking about it and letting her know that we’ll do everything we can to send her, that it’s something she’ll look forward to.

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