Sibling Rivalry Caught on Camera

Is there any family out there immune from 5-year-old and 7-year-old sibling rivalry?  How can two kids absolutely love being together one minute and with the flip of a switch, want to tear each others teeth out?  Our family is not immune.  That would just be boring.  How could I play referee if my children snuggled each other and peacefully played Go Fish all day?  Like I said, BORING!

We’re still on Christmas break here.  Until January 17th, we are on Christmas break.  Who ever came up with the idea of year-round school was sniffing suede spray when it was his turn to vote.  Did they not think of the poor mothers out there, who would not be sending their kids to school in January, while the rest of the world got after it?  No, we take January off and go to school in July.  Huh?

It’s okay, I get to polish my refereeing skills.  And honestly, I really do love having them home.   I get sad every time I have to send them back.  And I wish I had it in me to home-school.  Except for, of course, when a moment like this arises…

  • The Starting Line of What Should be a Friendly Race. 1 of 8
    The Starting Line of What Should be a Friendly Race.
    We're enjoying the sunshine in January, (which any other year would have us peering out the window at two feet of snow). We're laughing and having a grand old time. Who doesn't love running in the sunshine in the middle of the day, in pajamas?
  • Still Friends 2 of 8
    Still Friends
    Right here, I'm thinking to myself, "Oh I just LOVE having them home from school! I LOVE today! Look at them, they are so happy!"
  • Little Brother Gaining Speed 3 of 8
    Little Brother Gaining Speed
    The older of the two is doing her best to keep up. She most certainly doesn't want to be passed by a younger sibling. That just wouldn't be fair now, would it?
  • Taking the Lead 4 of 8
    Taking the Lead
    Uh-oh. Little Mister Awesome 85 has quick feet. I wonder how this will end...
  • He’s Proud 5 of 8
    He's Proud
    Sometimes what seems to be a friendly race can turn out to be, well, unfriendly. The competition is getting heated.
  • The Grab 6 of 8
    The Grab
    Here we go...poor little brother has no idea what is in store for him. He'll be cursing his quick feet in a second.
  • The Flip of the Switch 7 of 8
    The Flip of the Switch
    Too bad. They were doing so well! The big sister snapped. Sibling Rivalry at its best. The one pulls the other down, the unthoughtful slew of words escape young mouths and for a brief moment they each wish they were an only child. Sound familiar?
  • Whaling and tears 8 of 8
    Whaling and tears
    They (you know, the parenting experts) say that the best way to deal with Sibling Rivalry is to remain calm and composed and most of the time just ignore it. Let it run its course. I do that best when I can capture the action on camera. It helps me laugh about it later. Because, what was a fun, friendly way to exert some energy, unfortunately turned out to be a puddle of crocodile tears on the floor. And this is how it ends most of the time. My thoughts quickly turned to..."I wonder what the date is. Is it January 17th yet? When do they go back to school?" But then I remind myself of how boring my day would be without these squabbles and without them home. So, we roll through the fighting, wipe up the tears and get back on our feet and run again. It's just part of the job. How do you handle sibling rivalry?

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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