Skip Spring, Let's Go Right To Summer


There are two seasons in Calgary: snow on the ground and no snow on the ground.

This winter, our first snowfall was October 25, 2012. It didn’t all disappear until about 2 weeks ago. Soon after that, we experienced a blast in temperatures, which was a welcome change from last year’s Cinco de Mayo when my Corona chilled in our backyard snowbank – #truth.  Such is life on the Canadian Prairie, my friends.

Again this year the switch in seasons was abrupt. We went from shovelling snow to filling the party pool in the backyard. That’s the way it’s always been and it signifies the start of an oh too short summer with a family tradition: the party pool photo.

Many photo compilations have been made where people re-create the same photo year after year after year. There are the lake buddies. There are these sisters. The website, Dear Photograph, is a gorgeous mash-up of  then and now photos.  And now “the party pool photo” has become our annual tradition.

It started in the summer of 2010. Charlie was a beefcake worthy of the nickname Chooch and a photo of Zacharie and he in our party pool became an instant favorite.

Now, on the first hot day of the year, the boys get in the chairs and we take a picture. Here’s how it has looked over the past 4 summers:

  • 4 Years. 2 Boys. 1 Pool. 1 of 5
    4 Years. 2 Boys. 1 Pool.

    Do you have any family photo traditions? Click ahead to see the boys grow.

  • 2010 2 of 5
    4 Years Of Our Kids In The Party Pool

    That is a well built baby, ladies and gentlemen.  This picture hangs in our stairwell with the rest of the best family shots. Love.

    Image via Buzz Bishop. 

  • 2011 3 of 5
    4 Years, 2 Boys, 1 Pool

    Zacharie is 4, Charlie is 18 months and the aquatic experiments were constant that summer.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • 2012 4 of 5
    4 Years, 2 Boys, 1 Pool

    It was only after the fact I started to realize this could be 'a thing' and that I had gotten 3 straight years of the same shot. I wish I could have convinced them to be more animated and look at the camera.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • 2013 5 of 5
    4 Years, 2 Boys, 1 Pool

    This year's version gets Instagrammed.  Wow, how much have they changed. This year they finally get water squirters... and my punishment for coercing the photo? A soaking.

    Image via Buzz Bishop