Snips and Snails: Images of Boys from Around the World

When I was originally searching for images for last month’s slideshow, and my original concept of children from around the world, there were so many amazing photos that I found it incredibly hard to choose which ones to use. In the end, I decided to break up the posts between boys and girls, which would allow me to share even more amazing images of kids.

Last month I shared twenty amazing images of girls from around the world. This month, we’re going to give the stage to the boys. As the  mother of three boys, I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the little buggers, even with all the rough housing, dirt and general mischief that comes along with them.

Turns out, boys the world over are pretty much just like boys from the good ole’ USofA. I’m not surprised by that, are you?

You can see the full slideshow below.

  • Indonesia 1 of 17
    Friendship is universal.
    Photo Credit: Rosino via Flickr
  • Peru 2 of 17
    You can practically feel the heritage and culture that are present in this photo.
    Photo Credit: Guillebot via Flickr
  • United States of America 3 of 17
    United States of America
    There's nothing more American than a gaggle of boys on their way to a baseball game. Except, maybe, if they were eating apple pie or spitting watermelon seeds.
    Photo Credit: Meghan Gesswein
  • Uzbekistan 4 of 17
    Boys and their dogs...a perfect pairing world wide.
    Photo Credit: Giorgio Montersino via Flickr
  • Egypt 5 of 17
    Leave it to boys to find somewhere dangerous to play.
    Photo Credit: Ahron de Leeuw via Flickr
  • India 6 of 17
    There is mischievousness dripping from this photo.
    Photo Credit: McKay Savage via Flickr
  • Iraq 7 of 17
    The happiness on the boy's faces, juxtaposed with the stark reminder that they live in a conflict zone, makes this photo bittersweet.
    Photo Credit: The US Army via Flickr
  • Tanzania 8 of 17
    Boys and their toys...trucks are trucks no matter how crudely they're constructed.
    Photo Credit: Seyemon via Flickr
  • Madagascar 9 of 17
    I adore the protective arm the older boy (brother perhaps?) has around the baby. So sweet.
    Photo Credit: Steve Evans via Flickr
  • Tajikistan 10 of 17
    I can only imagine the shenanigans these boys get into.
    Photo credit: Steve Evans via Flickr
  • Thailand 11 of 17
    According to the photo caption, this boy is a member of a hill tribe and is taking part in a traditional dance. He seems to take his role very seriously.
    Photo Credit: Steve Evans via Flickr
  • Tibet 12 of 17
    I find every aspect of this photo, from the background to the children's clothes, intriguing. The Tiger Woods hat on the bigger boy slays me.
    Photo Credit: ^^星翼^^ via Flickr
  • Ireland 13 of 17
    Playing chess, a time honored tradition the world over. Although, these boys don't look too into it at the moment.
    Photo Credit: North Ireland Assembly via Flickr
  • Bali 14 of 17
    Participating in a Hindu ceremony...and goofing off, too.
    Photo Credit: Jeda Villa Bali via Flickr
  • Republic of the Congo 15 of 17
    Republic of the Congo
    These children are living, under harsh conditions (to say the least), at the Mugunga Refugee camp.
    Photo Credit: Julien Harneis via Flickr
  • Ecuador 16 of 17
    You know what they say about a boy and his dog...I mean, chickens. It looks like this lad is taking his duties very seriously.
    Photo Credit: Sara Yeomans via Flickr
  • Morocco 17 of 17
    Boys will be boys.
    Photo Credit: Alex E Proimos via Flickr

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