Splitting Your Cookie in Two & 7 More Eating Quirks Only Kids Can Get Away With

I have admitted that when it comes to food, manners are very important to me. It can make or break my appetite and I expect nothing less than proper food etiquette manners when it comes to my children.

With that said, I can also recognize the fun kids can have with their food. Sometimes it’s necessary to get the interested enough so they will eat. Sometimes they have discovered something new-to-them that blows their mind, and some things all kids should at least try once.

There are some weird/funny quirks of eating and habits that only kids can get away with. It would be totally wrong for adults to be spotted in public without their kids and eating their food in ways typically only done by kids.

Click through for 8 ways of eating that only kids can get away with:

  • Cut off the Crust! 1 of 8
    Cut off the Crust!
    My kids refuse to eat the crust on the sandwiches I make them. I think I was the same way as a kid. It would be so weird to see a grown man at work pull out a sandwich with no crust.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Eat the Good Parts 2 of 8
    Eat the Good Parts
    First, only 'kid treat cereal' contains the marshmallow, but if you like to enjoy the treat with them -- adults can't get away with eating all the marshmallows out. Kids can, it's kind of expected.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Lick the Lid 3 of 8
    Lick the Lid
    When kids get a yogurt or pudding cup, the second thing they do with it after opening is lick the lid. I would be so grossed out to see an adult do this.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Make it into a Toy 4 of 8
    Make it into a Toy
    Sometimes you have to make food fun for kids to eat it. Totally okay, but don't let anyone see you eating your own octopus-shaped hot dog. That's something only a kid can do.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Steal the Chocolate 5 of 8
    Steal the Chocolate
    MY kids love to eat trail mix with nut and some chocolate chips. Of course, since they're kids they always eat the chocolate first which is expected because they're kids.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Slurp it Up 6 of 8
    Slurp it Up
    It is a big manner no-no to make noise when you eat, but for the first few times you kid has spaghetti, you have to let them try to slurp up the whole noodle. Adults, no!
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Tongue Utensil 7 of 8
    Tongue Utensil
    Why use your hands when you can use your tongue to pick up the popcorn? A quirk that only kids can get away with & only if they have their own bowl.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Break it and Lick it 8 of 8
    Break it and Lick it
    The good stuff is in the middle of the sandwich cookies. While I know adults would love to partake in the childhood-only activity, it's best left to just the kids for the most part.
    Photo credit: photostock

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