Spoiler Alert: Kids Don't Follow Parents' Directions


This Sunday I will be watching Dateline NBC that will test whether on not kids follow their parents’ directions.  Directions like don’t talk to strangers, don’t open the door to a stranger, even if that stranger has an official looking badge, do not go anywhere with a stranger, even if he (or she!) offers you ice cream,  or says that a kitten needs help, a puppy wants to stare soulfully into your eyes or that Justin Bieber is waiting in the truck to sing you a special song.

Apparently, the news is not good.  Kids fail those tests over and over again and the take away message apparently is that we have to role play with our kids to cover a broad spectrum of scenarios. I’ve been doing this with my kids on and off for a while, and I got to say,  I’m not encouraged.  Because you can only so many scenarios that a parent can cover before deciding to pull the kid out of school and after-school activities to concentrate on this full-time.

If having the stranger-danger conversation with your children doesn’t work, if telling them not to go with strangers doesn’t work, what will?

Do we all need to hire actors to scare our children?

Should we have our children watch the Dateline episode with us on Sunday night?

What do you think?