Printmaking for Kids: Spring Flower Stamping

Spring Crafts Flower Stamping


  • Supplies:


  • Wine corks (real cork is easier to cut but you can use synthetic corks for the un-cut circles)
  • Sharp knife or box cutter (to be used only by an adult)
  • Paper
  • Washable paint in spring colors
  • Note: I always use non-toxic and washable paints with my children. Crayons or washable markers to add stems.

Cut one cork in half (lengthwise) to create two semi-circle, but be very careful (craft time isn’t fun when mom has go to the ER!)

The semi-circle shapes are great for “leaves.” Then use un-cut corks for the circle shapes to create petals and the flower centers. Don’t pour a very big puddle of paint on your plate; the stamping process will be more successful if your kids are dipping in thin puddles (so it doesn’t get too gloppy). Let your kids experiment with colors and circles and add the semi-circle shapes as petals to make simple and colorful flowers!

You can even take this craft up a notch and collect some real leaves from your backyard, paint them with a thin layer of green paint and use them as a natural stamp to create “real” leaf shapes on your picture!


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