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25 Gasp-Worthy Photos of Sh*t Kids Have Ruined

By Devan McGuinness |

There are a lot of moments in raising children that just suck. The first time they get sick, the first time you forget to send your kid to school with their bagged lunch, and it really sucks the first time your kid totally ruins something of yours.

I have had many things in my house destroyed by my kids. Things covered in poop, shattered, sprinkled all over the house. I don’t need to tell you that it’s not fun! Sometimes though the best thing to do is laugh. I always make sure I take a picture as evidence for bribery later in life (just kidding … maybe). They say laughter is the best medicine – and what better cure for the super-angry’s than laughing at someone else’s problem?

Click through to see 25 photos of sh*t kids have ruined that will leave you speechless:

nggallery id=’126888′

Stuff My Kids Ruined

Minty Fresh

"Our youngest was in the bathroom, had been there for a long time. I checked on her, knocked on the door, asked if everything was alright. She answered yes, and I didn’t think anything of it. Then my wife went to check, because the girl was calling for help. This is what she found. Minty fresh poo smell!" - Harry

:: What destruction has your kid gotten into lately? ::

Images: © Sh* & used with permission. For more funny check out the book Sh*t My Kids Ruined on Amazon!

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Devan McGuinness

Devan McGuinness is the writer of the lifestyle website byDevan. After surviving 12 miscarriages, Devan founded Unspoken Grief, a resource and support site for perinatal and neonatal loss. Read bio and latest posts → Read Devan's latest posts →

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23 thoughts on “25 Gasp-Worthy Photos of Sh*t Kids Have Ruined

  1. sharon tinsley says:

    destruction? 15 yr old grandchild punched 2 holes in wall of play/guest room.I put an empty ugly picture frame on a nail just above the spot. It hangs at an angle.been there 2 years. she hates it..Oh well My house. a few months ago I added a foam spiderman..looks like he is jumping through a window. I LIKE IT

  2. Carly says:

    This pic is mine!! Thanks, Sh*!! We LOVE seeing this all over the internet. My son thinks it is the coolest thing ever. =)

  3. TW says:

    Two words…. FOSTER CARE

  4. Lanie says:

    Bless your heart ! :(

  5. MILLIE says:

    most of these happened due to lack of supervision leave a child under the age of 7 alone for a minute equals disaster

  6. A00 says:

    Here’s an idea….don’t let kids play with expensive electronics. If I had just a quarter for every time I saw a child under the age of 2 playing with their parents’ iPhones or iPads…..

    Being a mother of 3 BOYS, I know you can’t keep an eye on them every second. It’s physically impossible unless you only need to go to the bathroom between the hours of midnight and 6 am. But don’t leave laptops, phones, mp3 players or anything else laying around.

    1. sue adey says:

      amen to that! I also have 3 boys. (Now aged 19,27,28) When anyone asks me what it was like raising 3 boys I would (and still do) say it is like raising chimps.

      1. Amber says:

        LOL, love it!!! I have a friend who has 5 boys between 2 and 12…needless to say I don’t go by her home very often. I get tired just listening to her on the phone with the kids in the background. And it’s usually her 12 year old that is keeping the others going.

  7. MANDY says:

    and this is why I will never have children. i’d kill them.

  8. Happilyeverafter says:

    My Marriage!!!

  9. KC says:

    These are nothing. When I was 6, I roughly circled in red ink, with an arrow pointing to my moms head saying “me!”, every picture of her, in all of her high school yearbooks. The homecoming queen photos, basketball, cheerleading, regular pictures….etc. I’d seen my two older sisters do that to their own yearbooks, and thought my mom might want me to do that for her too. I immediately went to show her what I had done. Needless to say, she did not appreciate it… she kinda freaked out. But afterward she apologized to me for yelling; I was young after all. I’ve never gotten over it though. Those yearbooks were very important to her :(

  10. Christine says:

    Aww the poor cat is like WTH? When my markings change? But yeah…young kids + things getting really quiet = mess/something bad. I was taking an important call the other day so daddy was on his own. It was really quiet and our 3 year old was in the kitchen. Daddy went to check and the 3 year had dumped the entire container of cinnamon (we keep stuff like that on the back of the stove and he is at least 3’3 already…probably taller. He messured 3’3 on his 3rd birthday in November) on the stove and the floor. At least it smelled really really good in there for a few days lol.

  11. Amanda says:

    The first time my son ever wrote his name on his own was when he scratched it into the back of my car. Proud and furious at the same time…

  12. Raven says:

    Wow, that ipod thing SUCKS!! After seeing all these pictures, my minds made up. I’m getting a dog.

  13. Erika says:

    i remember when i was young we had ice cream cones but no ice cream. So thinking it might be the same i filled a cone with ketchup and when i didn’t like it i dropped it behind my bed. Another time i filled every crack and hole in the house with my moms mousse. She wasn’t happy.

    1. Holly says:

      Haha, I giggled when I read that!
      Kids will be kids. When I was five I and cut off the edges of my mom’s lace tablecloth she got for her wedding while she and my dad were sitting at the table.

  14. Jacqueline Ann Crow says:

    Yes ,I am HUMAN and my Feelings get hurt Every Day by my Children and their Offsprings ..But as I look Back it was “WORTH THE TRIP” . I do it again.
    Love the Boys and they gave my life a Meaning to get up and go to work every day. Seven days a Week and sometime twelve to sometimes twenty four hour shifts.They sometimes made my life HELL but it’s O.K. cause now their children are just like them.We reap what we sow.And so on and so on.They don’t realize that they look like their dad who died at thirty three years of age but they have my D.N.A. in them and some of the things they did are reputions of my childhood.I did have a pre-school and gave a lot of children their first start but as time moves forward ,they will not remember me,but I remember them.I will take care care of my children or Men today, in Death just as I have in Life.They don’t know the scarifices I’ve made for them and may never know.Love transdends time.I will always love them through eternity as I still do their Dad.Love always,Mom

    1. Cori says:

      You are wonderful and inspiring. Saddened to know of your loss but see how those kids helped fill in the void. Their dad would be so proud of you for raising them like you did. On your own. Blessings to you Jacqueline and to your children. Keep sharing your love in all that you do. :)

  15. Christine says:

    My 4 year old drives me nuts somtimes (he has daddy’s listening skills..which translates to none lol)….but I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world! He can calm me down when I’m upset or make me feel better when I’m sick by just coming over, grabbing a kleenex, whiping my eyes, telling me it’s okay mommy, and snuggling up on my lap. And I get my “me” time in the theater. Up on stage I can be unplugged (almost) from being mommy…but it makes me smile knowing he’s sitting in the house with daddy during rehearsal watching and learning. He picks up at least one song from every show (I’m in a cabaret right now and he’s picked up Seizemy The Day and Welcome to The 60′s). I, myself, can’t completely de-mommy though, hence me saying almost. Anytime I hear him get a little fussy about something in the house my attention goes towards him lol. I was raised by my grandparents because my biological mother didn’t want me…she actually wanted my dad to punch her and make her miscarry…I couldn’t even imagine that with my little man. The pictures shared in the article…some made me chuckle (like the cat looking at itself like really? you painted me seriously?) and some I was like holy crap! when I saw them. The worst my son has done, so far, is accidentilly killing my laptop screen, writing on a wall here and there, and dumping out some sugar…and we laughed about all of them. :)

  16. Briznook says:

    When I was 5 I noticed that the gas tank on my dads 1954 MG TD sounded empty when I knocked on it so I decided to help him out by filling it up with the garden hose. It wasn’t a daily driver so when he couldn’t get it started the next time he decided to leave it sit until he had time to work on it. That ended up being a couple of months later. Ended up ruining the entire fuel system which had to be completely rebuild. I still hear about it to this day…..

  17. Merav says:

    Many of these problems stem from lazy and ineffective parenting. The house needs to be childproofed and an adult should watch the kid better. Accidents do happen, but the kids should not have access to permanent markers and the like.

  18. Amy M. says:

    I have a new one:: how about a site, shitmypuppieruined. com?? when 2 of my dogs were puppies, they ate-chewed through my computer speaker cords, my phone charger cord, the plug off of a brand-new flat-screen tv, & dug up & chewed the underground cable for my internet connection!!! (the last 1 cost BIG $$$ to fix)… but, I wouldn’t trade my dogs for anything in the world; I luuuv them!!!

  19. Cheryl says:

    OMG – does this bring back memories…and not good ones! My kids are 17 and 18 now but when my oldest was little, he did things like using half a jar of Vaseline on his hair the night we will supposed to attend a wedding reception, cleaning his toys with half a bottle of shampoo, squeezing the toothpaste all over the bathroom and, best of all, squirting chocolate sauce all over the rug at one apartment we had! No refund of security deposit for us!!

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