Suburban Moms' Endless Conversation Loop


I should know better by now.  If I leave my house I’m going to encounter people who bug me.  In the last few weeks I’ve left the house a lot.  I’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool and the movies and shopping.  I encountered so many groups of moms clustered in Target aisles, observing swimming lessons and/or waiting for a movie to start.  I could overhear their conversations and I realized they talk about the same shit.  All.  The.  Time.  It didn’t matter where I was, it was just variations of the same conversation on a loop.  Here’s a mash up with all the topics covered:

Mom 1:  We’re trying to keep Felix engaged this summer.  It’s so hard since he’s in the gifted program.

Mom 2:  I know what you mean!  Even though we chose not to do the gifted program since it just seems like such a waste of their time when they’re this young — we’re still struggling with finding more things for Eugenie to learn about.  She’s read everything the library has on organic farming, space exploration and algebra.

Mom 3:  Oooh … we’re very into organic farming this summer.  We found a delightful farm just 60 miles from here where you can go and harvest you own food and pay for it by the pound.  It’s such a great deal.  The kids and I spent 4 hours picking blueberries and I paid 30 dollars.  It was only 90 degrees, but we took water and it was wonderful!  I took pictures.  Do you follow me on Instagram?

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