Summer Dessert so Easy a Kid Can Make It


Food bloggers ASTOUND me, not only do they cook, the keep track of all the steps, photograph them perfectly and make me want to eat everything they cook. It’s a true talent. I can get good food on the table but if you were to ask me how I made it or to photograph it? I wouldn’t do so well. When I saw these frozen COOL WHIP whipped topping truffles that Charlotte had made, I got an idea. Addie loves making dessert and every week we have guests over. She always asks to be in charge of the dessert and this week? Not only did I let her take charge, she made them. Beginning to delicious end.

Charlotte’s truffles required the microwave and melting chocolate, something Addie isn’t quite ready for. But she can mince strawberries with the best of them and stir like a champ. I had her throw a pint of finely chopped fresh strawberries, COOL WHIP and mini chocolate chips into a bowl. She stirred them all together, keeping a nice berry/COOL WHIP/chocolate chip ration and then spooned bite size spoonfuls onto parchment paper. She added a few more chocolate chips on top as a garnish and we let them freeze for a couple of hours.

They were SO GOOD. The little bits of frozen strawberry mixed perfectly with the creamy COOL WHIP while the chocolate chips melted and mingled with everything else. A dessert that a seven year old can actually make? She was so proud of her creation, and everyone loved them.

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