Summer Is Over and I'm Thrilled! Here's Why

It’s been a great summer and I love summer—but, I’m kinda glad it’s over and here’s why:

1. The camp calendar: Every morning I frantically pulled the calendar up on my Macbook. Is it “water day?” Does JD need to go to camp in his swimsuit? Where are his water shoes? Do I need to pack an extra pair of clothes and towel? Did I forget to? Once. Ah, yes. Go me!

2. Long, sunny evenings. Yeah, they are great and joyous. We have an awesome courtyard at our complex. I love playing outside after dinner, but when the sun is still shining at 8 PM, it’s hard to convince my tiny roommate it’s BEDTIME!!! “But the sun is still out, Moooooom!” 

3. Sticky hands and arms: JD loves ice pops (like me). He eats them on the beach and at the pool and they drip drop everywhere. Annoying.

4. Sand. Uncle Carlo and my mom live at the Jersey shore and we’ve been there all summer—and I’m not complaining, but come on, people, sand is iiiyiiiii-iiiii! Sand is in a*s cracks, between little toes and stuck on wet bathing suits (ew). Sand is on little feet that do not want flip flops back on for the one block walk home (grrr). Sand on little hands—feed me, mama!!! Sand in my Jeep. Sand in the beach bag. Sand on my iPhone. Sand in the crevices of my sunglasses. Sand!!! More not fun things about the sand here. 

5. Sunblock application. JD’s camp requires that I apply sunblock before I drop him off (NP). So, imagine our insane single parent family morning + sunblock. It’s basically me telling JD to … stand on the balcony NOW 47 times so I can spray him. Then there’s the, “NO LOTION, NO OCEAN” line that I get to use at the beach, over and over and over. Ghah, just put this sunblock on. DON’T MOVE!!! 

6. Having a fun outside-y activity to do … all the time. I’m one of those parents that wants JD to be constantly stimulated and enjoying the sunny, warm weather, be it at the zoo, fishing, park, beach or pool. Needless to say I am excited about being snowed in and not feeling guilty about eating popcorn and watching movies. Hi, I got a bee sting at the zoo. Sucked!!

Jam-Packed Weekend: Yay or Nay? Please weigh in! 

7. Leggings and oversized sweaters, yeah man. I’m over bikini season. I’m just done. I want to wear cozy clothes and not hold my stomach in, thank you. I want to order sugar in my coffee, but have refrained because it DOES, in fact, cause belly bloat. It does, yes. And also, JD called me NAKED 900 times this summer for wearing a bikini. 


Behold: Sucking in stomach … this past weekend. 











8. My JCPL (electric) bill. It has been an insanely hot summer. Come on Fall! I need to open the windows, feel that crisp breeze and turn the AC OFF. It cost me too, too, TOO much this season. *Cringe.*

9. My gas bill. Driving back and forth to the shore? I can’t even comment on the cost of gas. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to local driving. *Cringe.*

10. JD starts Kindergarten on Tuesday (OMG, TEARS, stay tuned for pics!). He picked out a brand new outfit: Faded denim orange shorts (hi, rad), a grey top and Converse sneaks. His superhero backpack and pencil case are ready to go. My baby is embarking on the road of beautiful, blissful, education. FIVE days a week + day care hours (hey, I work!). I’m thrilled! He’s thrilled! Yipppeeeeeeee! [13 years till college! Come on 529 plan. I’m pulling for ya!]

Are you excited summer is over? Share. xoxo

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