Surprise from My Kids


I don’t make millions of dollars blogging.  I haven’t lost that last 20 pounds. I don’t run a successful Etsy shop (or marathons).

Sometimes I feel like I don’t really do much. I like not doing much–you know how over-stimulated I can get. Not to brag.

But I’m not a complete slouch. Apparently, my kids totally love me. I’m done with diapers and round-the-clock feedings. (Actually, I’m still pretty involved in round-the-clock feeding.) I am not baby hungry. I like bigger kids.  Check out the surprise they made for me with my husband on my birthday.

I have been fake-hinting, like you do, that I thought Christian was going to fly me to LA to see a Bruce Springsteen concert for my birthday. So it was a nice touch that they picked a Bruce Springsteen song. I’m not saying you’ll cry but don’t cry. (They sense weakness.) One day your little bundle will be a handsome bruiser too. It’s pretty fulfilling–is what I’m saying .

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