SURVEY SAYS: What Moms Want For Mother’s Day


What do you *really* want for Mother’s Day? Help a Dad out over here.

Is a free afternoon to go to the spa for a pedicure a good deal? What about brunch out at a fancy golf course? Should I be spending time with you, the Mother of my kids, or my actual Mother who gave birth to me? Is it Mother’s Day or Mother Of Your Children / Wife’s Day?

So many questions to be asked, and I’m guessing many other Dads are struggling with the answers as I do every year.

So should it really be a surprise that we get so flustered and end up doing NOTHING for Mother’s Day? According to a survey commissioned by Child’s Play Communications, that’s the scenario that happened to 1/4 of Moms last year. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Squat.

What did other Moms get and what do Moms want for Mother’s Day? Check the survey results below:

  • The Good, The Bad, And The Wonderful 1 of 19
    Survey Says: What Moms Want For Mother's Day

    What do Moms want?  Scroll through for what most got as gifts last year, the worst ever, the best ever, and what most expect to get ... 

  • Card 2 of 19
    what moms want for mothers

    32% of moms just got a card for Mother's Day last year.

    Image via Mike Lehen

  • Handmade 3 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    21% of Moms got handmade crafts from their kids last year.

     Image via San Jose Library

  • Dad Gives The Day Off 4 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    Last year, 3% got the day off while Dad and the kids took care of chores.

     Image via Olaf

  • Mom’s Dream Gifts 5 of 19
    dream gifts for Mother's Day

    Okay, what if money was no object? Here's a look at what Moms say their dream gifts would be.

  • Cruise 6 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    A cruise? Yes, the survey says Moms would like one.

     Image via Roger Wallstadt

  • An iPad 7 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    The survey says Moms would like an iPad. Actually, Moms probably want another one. Because the one you got her last year has been hijacked by the kids.

     Image via FHKE

  • A New Car! 8 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    You'd think Mother's Day was The Price Is Right or something. Survey says Moms want A NEW CAR!  (Don't we all)

    Image via Dan Ox

  • BBQ 9 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    Proof that Moms never think of themselves, one Mom's dream gift is a barbecue for her husband so she can finally get out from behind the stove.
    Image via abrowncoat

  • Worst Mother’s Day Gifts Ever 10 of 19
    worst Mother's Day gifts ever

    Learn from those who have failed.

  • Vacuum 11 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    Despite what the survey says, I still contend that a vacuum is a great Mother's Day gift. Especially if it's a Dyson. 2 dozen Moms in the survey say they got one and hated it. What do I know?

    Image via Robert Scarth

  • Household Appliances 12 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    It may slice and dice, and blend everything but Moms don't want it.
    Image via Elizabeth Skene

  • Divorce Papers 13 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    On Mother's Day? That's crass. One Mom responding to the survey says that's what happened. That's awful.

    Image via Nesster

  • Cleaning Up 14 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    Cleaning up after having to cook for their Mother-In-Law on Mother's Day was near the top of the liit of things Moms don't want.

    Image via Don Nunn

  • Nothing 15 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    Nearly 1/4 of Moms responding said they have received absolutely nothing, nada, zip, for Mother's Day. Guess who's getting divorce papers for Father's Day?


  • What Moms Expect 16 of 19
    what moms expect for mother's day

    Now that we've gotten rid of the dreamy stuff and the worst ever, here's a list of practical things Moms would like and actually expect.

  • Handmade Crafts 17 of 19
    what moms want for mothers day

    15% want their kids to make them something . . . and 21% think that's what they're getting.
    Image via Chuck Allen

  • A Day Off 18 of 19
    what moms want for mother's day

    14% want a day off . . . but only 3% think they'll get it.

    Image via Ralph Hogaboom

  • A Spa Day 19 of 19
    what moms want for mother's day

    13% of Moms say they would want a spa gift certificate. Thank you. That one is easy. We can do that.
    Image via Grand Velas Maya Riviera