Switching up Fast Food Menus to Accomodate Your Situation


Addie and I spent the entire weekend in Chicago and we had a marvelous time. One of the most difficult things about traveling for me is the food situation. Yay! I love eating out! But boo, sometimes I just want something simple and small. I can remember as a kid going to California with my parents for an entire week, by the end I was so sick of eating out I wondered what was wrong with me.

The same thing happened yesterday, we had finished up with all of our fun, checked out of our hotel but were still hours away from being home and it was dinnertime. We had already eaten enough Chicago hot dogs and pizza that the mere thought of relish or cheese made us both groan. Neither of us were ravenous but then again neither of us could make it home on empty. We had burned through the snack supply we had packed for the weekend and we were facing down a three hour drive with only a smashed candy bar between the two of us.

This is the kind of situation where we would normally hit up a drive thru. Almost home, but not close enough, you just want to be home so the idea of sitting down in a real restaurant just puts you that much farther away from where you really want to be. Gas stations rarely, if ever, have desirable food options and vending machines? Pfft. Having been so impressed with my previous two salads from Wendy’s we decided to get a few little things to share before our long journey really began and it was perfect. We split a plain baked potato, we each got a little side salad, Addie got ranch, I chose the lemon garlic Caesar dressing. We ate our croutons like chips and we split a berry lemonade.

We were full, but not stuffed, exactly what we were hoping for.

So many people have gotten into the mindset that ordering fast food means a burger, fries and a drink when in reality there are so many more options to pick and choose what you really want, no matter where you go. Nothing says you can’t have two sides as a makeshift dinner and no one is forcing you to have fries on the side. If we were to do this again on a road trip I think I’d just ask for a cut up, grilled chicken breast and call it good. In fact Addie ate more between the potato and salad than she would have had she ordered a kid’s meal (and it cost less!)

What’s your favorite way to change a fast food menu to be more family friendly?


A big thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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