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Teenage Driver Banned from Driving for Life

By Stacie Haight Connerty |

I came across this article in my reader today from


I read it and was just stunned. That is pretty rough.

The teenage driver crashed into a tree after attending a party where alcohol was consumed leaving one passenger in a coma for weeks. He also plead guilty to driving over the speed limit and NOT wearing a seatbelt.

I mean, I am pretty quick to dole out the punishment in this household. I have repeat offenders but for the most part, I have really good kids.

That being said, they do understand that there are consequences for their actions. When they choose to ignore that, then they will definitely have me to deal with.

There have been time outs. There have been groundings. Activities have been skipped. Privileges taken away. Time spent in rooms reflecting on actions. I have doled out many a punishment.

The thing is…not one of them has been forever.

I am not sure what I would have done in this case but I do know that forever is well… FOREVER!

Interestingly enough, the page offers a poll for readers to take so that they can weigh in on the situation. As of the time of this post, 4857 had answered the question: Was a judge’s sentence banning a teen from driving for life too harsh?

67% said YES

33% said NO



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Stacie Haight Connerty

Stacie Haight Connerty is a mother of three and lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband. She is a nationally published writer/author/editor for a variety of magazines and online publications. On her blog, The Divine Miss Mommy, Stacie writes product reviews and hosts fabulous giveaways. She is a former Babble blogger, having contributed to the Parenting channels of the website.

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5 thoughts on “Teenage Driver Banned from Driving for Life

  1. goddess says:

    And yet we can’t give the shooter in the Chardon High School shootings in Ohio- that killed 3 and paralyzed a 4th, and injured a 5th- the death penalty?
    Insane in the membrane.

  2. bwsf says:

    This sounds a bit harsh to me, especially given the amount of maturing and changing we do from teenhood to adulthood. Adult repeat offender drunk drivers don’t lose their licenses for life in most places, in some cases, they don’t lose them at all. Banning him from driving until 18 or 21? Ok. For life? A ridiculously arbitrary and harsh punishment designed to make an example of a kid that made mistakes. Where is the punishment for his parents who don’t seem to be doing anything about it?

  3. jannell says:

    My ex boyfriend got 3 tickets all on the same highway in a 45 min time frame for going 90 in a 70 and on top of that 4 other moving violations in a 4 yr period he has children n one of those is my daughter, he still has his license?! How bout yall take his away? Helllooo…??

  4. Geneva says:

    What he did was stupid, but the punishment is way too harsh. I think his license should have been taken away for 3-5yrs, then have a probationary period where maybe he can only drive during the day for 6mos- 1yr. Then if he has no troubles with the law he can get his license back. And if he breaks the law once his license gets suspended again. He is young and mistakes were made, so I believe he could learn to be responsible. This is sad because it will limit employment opportunities and he will always be at the mercy of either public transportation or other people, which isn’t always possible depending on where you live.

  5. linda Graham says:

    Ok,let’s follow this to it’s ridiculous conclusion : the teen gets into college. He has to have someone take him to and from classes. He graduates, and must be dependent on someone else (wife? Mother?) To take him to work, or the grocery, or his child’s recital, etc.etc. No taking kids for ice cream, or dropping them off at school. This gets to be a real handicap! And I know what I’m talking about :due to ill health I went 9 months without being able to drive. It was a hassle not only for me,but for my friends as well. “Forever “is a looonnggg time, and in spite of the kid’s transgressions, od think long and hard before making such a rash judgement.

    child’s recital

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