Terrified Dad Screaming on Amusement Park Ride Is the Funniest Thing You'll See Today


Kids are idiots.


What I meant was kids are fearless … fearless idiots.

They’ll try anything once, twice if it’s dangerous, and won’t take a moments pause to consider whether the experience is worth the risk of bodily injury.

That’s not to say that hopping on an amusement park ride like the father daughter duo in this video will place your life in peril, but it’s certainly something I do with more reluctance now than I did in my youth.

That’s why I have to commend this dad for his willingness to take part in something that is clearly terrifying to him. Watching him scream like a little girl while his daughter giggles with joy alongside him is sort of heart-warming in that you know he’s only doing this for her and at great expense to his blood pressure.

Have a look and a laugh:


Via Jezebel

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