That Term "Brotherly Love?" It Doesn't Apply Here.


My oldest boys, at almost 7 and 4, barely tolerate each other. Sometimes.

Their entire lives are spent arguing, fighting, teasing, annoying, and tattling on each other.

On occasion they play nicely together, for a few moments. But those times are few and far between.

The only time I can ever count on them getting along is when they are sleeping. And I’m pretty sure that, even though I can’t prove it, they are dreaming about ways to get the other’s goat.

It is unpleasant.

A lot of my day is spent saying things like “Stop bothering your brother,” “No one likes a tattletale,” and “If I have to tell you two to knock it off ONE MORE TIME, I’m going to take away all of your toys for the rest of your lives!”

Obviously, it would be really hard to follow through on that last one, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Their personalities are so very different, it makes me wonder if they will ever get along. I have to imagine that one day they’ll become friends. Or perhaps they’ll at least learn to appreciate the other and they won’t spend the majority of their time fighting.

At this point, I find myself focusing on the fact that they both love and adore their baby brother. Although I’m sure that, as he gets older, they’ll start to get annoyed with him and then I’ll be yelling at three kids instead of two.

Am I doomed? If you have boys, do they get along? Have they always?

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