That Time I Broke My Own Parenting Rules in Favor of Fun


I’m normally a stickler for bedtime. I do it as much for my 4-year-old as for my own sanity, but last night this mama was feeling naughty.

Both of my kids have been dying to see The Amazing Spider Man (yes, I know it’s rated PG-13, blah, blah, blah) so I packed up the kids and headed to the theater for a 8:45pm showing. Gasp! I know, right? Badass.

 My kids have never been to the movies at night and you know as well as I that matinee showings, while perfectly fine (and discounted), are nothing compared to a movie after dark. It’s a whole different movie-going experience.

They loved the movie (obviously), but more than the movie they loved the seemingly naughty experience. And just to make things even worse better, we stopped for donuts on the way home. Because we freaking could.

While rules and healthy examples are an integral part of good parenting, I encourage you to break your own rules once in a while in favor of naughty fun. Your kids aren’t the only ones who’ll love it.

Do you ever break your own rules in favor of fun?

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